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    In times of uncertainty, we understand that businesses need tailored solutions to support seamless operations during times of unexpected disruption. JustCo’s business continuity plan is available for those businesses needing to activate a contingency solution for immediate work reactivation. We have a range of flexible short term plans designed to support businesses that need to relocate or split teams of 1 to 300 people, providing all the tools to get back online within 24hrs at any of JustCo’s 40+ centres across APAC.

    Whether you need a physical space or virtual office, our team will work with you to find the perfect backup solution.

    JustCo’s Business Continuity Plan assists businesses in 4 key areas:

    1. Real Estate: Ensuring staff have a place to work and meetings can still take place.
    2. Connectivity: Immediate access to high-speed Internet and virtual office solutions to facilitate a seamless transition during unexpected disruptions.
    3. Tools: Gain access to IT equipment and video conferencing facilities for immediate work reactivation.
    4. Flexibility: We’ll have your team set up in a matter of hours for a week, a month, months or longer

    With 5 co-working locations in Korea, JustCo can provide you with all the solutions to meet your needs. We offer fully furnished offices that are operationally ready immediately so you can “plug & play” quickly and fuss-free. From hotdesking to private studios, we have a wide range of flexible workspace solutions to allow companies to be flexible, agile and ready anytime, anywhere.

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