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Private Suite

Private Suite

Private Suite

Our suite solutions offer you a dedicated workspace set up according to your needs. You get your own private space, ideal for housing large teams, division or project-based teams. We can tune up or tune down your branding requirements and we will design the space according to your specific needs.

This solution is the most cost effective; you don’t need to worry about making an upfront capital investment, since most facilities and amenities, from high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, ideal lighting and room conditioning, to a large selection of spaces and meeting rooms your team can use when required and a well stocked pantry, are included in your membership fee.


Move into your desired suite equiped with premium ergonomic furniture and supporting services in any of our locations within short notice. Enjoy the privacy of your own suite and at the same time, experience community and networking as a benefit of coworking.


We understand that your brand is important to build your company culture and for your clients. That is why we will work with you to meet your specific design and spatial needs. From personalising the space with your own branding, to a dedicated entrance and concierge desk, rest assured that the space will feel like your own.

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No matter what your enterprise needs are, be it global access, a swing space, a dedicated HQ or an innovation hub, JustCo got you covered! Our Enterprise 360 team will work with you to design the ideal workspace solution for you!

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