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Introducing JustCo members of K-Startups

| Sept 2020 |

Within a short span of less than two years, JustCo has established itself as one of the leading co-working companies in Seoul – offering flexible and cost-efficient workspace solutions to about 1,000 companies. At JustCo, businesses of all shapes and sizes, be it a start-up, SME, or Fortune 500 company, will automatically form part of its ever-growing community, with options to network, collaborate and seek business opportunities with one another. In an interview with Hankyung Job and Joy, Kris Nahm, General Manager of South Korea said, “Our members, who are CEO of their respective companies are also my valuable colleagues, they are the ones who constantly keep me motivated.” To read the interview articles, kindly click here and here.

JustCo on CNBC Asia TV: Our New Future

{:ko} | Sept 2020 | 코로나19 대유행의 결과로 전세계 기업들이 재택 또는 분산 근무 등 직원의 안전을 위해 다양한 계획을 시행했습니다. CNBC Asia TV 인터뷰에서 JustCo의 CEO인 Kong Wan Sing은 “팬데믹은 우리의 일하는 방식을 바꿨습니다. 기업들은 생산성과 팀간의 협업 등의 [...]...

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JustCo introduces JustCo Campus, enabling members and public to learn, consult, and connect from anywhere

As featured on: Acrofan | July 2020 | SINGAPORE – JustCo – the leading co-working company in Asia Pacific introduces JustCo Campus, a school that aims to nurture modern leaders and facilitate business networking. In partnership with NewCampus, JustCo Campus [...]...

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