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JustCo Emerges as Workspace Solutions Category Winner, at the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award

| 3 Sep 2019 |

Founder and CEO of JustCo, Kong Wan Sing, is named category winner at the 18th EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award (Singapore), under the Workspace Solutions category; alongside four other recipients. The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is an annual awards program that honours Singapore’s top entrepreneurs for their contributions to the economy and society.

“This entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been easy but has definitely been a rewarding one. Co-working used to be associated with freelancers and entrepreneurs. Today, we are disrupting the industry by attracting Fortune 500 companies who see value in being connected in a co-working workspace. I’m truly humbled to win this award, and it is only possible with the great support from a very capable JustCo team, our members, key investors and last but not least, my family,” says Kong Wan Sing.

Today, JustCo has established itself as Asia’s leading flexible workspace provider, and the only Asian-based operator to have multi-city presence across Asia Pacific. Our aim is to grow our regional footprint, and to be Asia’s #1 flexible workspace provider by 2020.

Daito Trust will invest a combined US$74 million in JustCo and in a new Japan joint venture

As featured on: Digital Daily ZDnet iNews Acrofan Electimes | Nov 2019 | SINGAPORE, 28 November 2019 – Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd (“Daito Trust”), a listed construction and real estate company in Japan will invest a US$50 million in [...]...

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밀레니엄 포스 : 직장과 문화의 변화

{:ko} 원문보기: E27 | 2019년 5월 | 밀레니엄 포스 : 직장과 문화의 변화 1979 년과 2000 년 사이에 태어난 밀레니엄 세대는 놀이와 일 그리고 살아가는 법에 대해 재정의하고 있습니다. 공유 경제는 출퇴근 (우버 및 그랩) 과 생활 방식 (에어비앤비)에 대한 새로운 개념을 만들었습니다. [...]...

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