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Why Partner with JustCo?

JustCo really is a new way of working! Established since 2011, we have the largest coworking community in Singapore and are rapidly expanding into South East Asia. By connecting you with our large pool of members we can help you reach out to new groups of audience…

Lead generation
JustCo helps your business get access to relevant new clients! We have more than 17,000 members made up of talented and creative individuals, entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Develop strong client relationships
Get up close & personal through events & 1:1 sessions held in our stylish coworking spaces.

Ongoing nurturing
Nurture your brand through seminars and guest speaking events.

Vibrant & active community
Our members have an open mind and are always keen to seek new opportunities. Reach out to create strong brand awareness and collect qualified leads.

"Choose JustCo as Your Partner"

Kong Wan Sing
Founder and CEO - JustCo

"We are the no.1 coworking space provider in Singapore, plus two locations in Shanghai and expanding into the rest of APAC.

We have a vibrant and diverse business network that connects members together.

We’re passionate about fostering a conducive and productive environment for our members to innovate, create and grow their businesses.

By giving our members access to all the tools and resources that they need including space, community and services our members develop a strong and loyal relationship. "

Join our Growing List of Partners

We’re already working with a wide range of fantastic businesses to provide our members with valuable services & offers including tech, financial, lifestyle & retail.

We’d like you to join them!

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Success Story: Salesforce

  • Targeting small businesses to offer their sales automation solution
  • Salesforce educate, nurture and sell to their target market via JustCo events, dedicated workshops & joint PR activities
  • Communicated to JustCo members through EDM, press, poster, website & social media
  • Qualified leads gained from events, followed up with consultation and trial set up. Existing leads and clients also nurtured
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Get in touch with us and we will contact you to arrange for a viewing at our space.