Behind The Design Of A Successful Coworking Space

Designing a coworking office entails more than just providing a conducive space. In essence, it should address the needs of different member types, from freelancers looking to establish a personal workstation to large-scale enterprises requiring effective office solutions to house remote teams.

At JustCo, we take great effort in making the best use of our coworking spaces to create environments that are productive, collaborative and, of course, fun.

So, what are our ingredients to a successful coworking space design?

1. Unparalleled convenience

Being strategically located near transport nodes and popular eateries is surely a winning point when selecting an office space. Take JustCo at Asia Green, for instance. Situated just a stone’s throw away from three major malls in Tampines, one can revel in the comfort of the heartlands while working in a regional business district. However, the discourse around convenience is further than that.

Each JustCo office is spatially curated with hot desks, private nooks, game areas, amphitheatres, lounges and at least one pantry. This facilitates seamless collaboration and brainstorming within the space – just stop by the pantry for a quick chat with another member over a cup of coffee or slide into our comfortable and ergonomic lounge chairs for a team discussion. Plus, the availability of charging points, printing amenities, mail handling and IT services means members can simply step in with their laptop and begin clearing their tasks for the day. The ease of plug-and-play while having all the office necessities within easy reach is a critical touchpoint of any productive coworking space. This is especially so for enterprises adopting hybrid work models for increased flexibility – nothing beats a well-furnished studio or private office space when you’re looking for a cost-effective real estate solution.

Well, that’s not all. If you’ve ever visited our space at The Centrepoint, you’d find facial recognition turnstiles at entry points, designed to eliminate the need for cards or keys, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing any. Those looking out for a nearby office on the intuitive JustCo App can conveniently locate one with available space, made possible with our AI-powered SixSense technology that captures real time information on centre density.

2. Alluring interiors

The chatter around JustCo coworking spaces isn’t complete without shining light on our incredibly charming interiors. The eclectic neon signs and cheerful colour palette in our offices make for alluring instagrammable backdrops, together with statement wall art pieces and stylish cafe furniture. The perfect setting for your video calls, there’s no longer the need to scramble for a nice virtual background.

Have we mentioned the pop of green around our workspaces? Offering an aura of tranquillity even on a busy day, these indoor plants are calming additions to our workspaces. From inspiring creativity to enhancing one’s well-being, there’s plenty to take away from the psychological effect of the colour green. Our in-house designers surely know what’s best for you – a closer look at every corner of our offices will let you in on our secrets!

3. Work-play balance

Productive work isn’t just about marking those tasks off your to-do list. Ensuring ample breaks and having time to unwind between meetings is essential to keeping your mind healthy so you can deliver your best. Now that leads to productivity.

Our recreational facilities offers the respite you’d need amid a hectic day, or a blissful treat at the end of a stressful week. Placed away from our suites and other workspaces, there’s nothing stopping you from nailing that highest score on the basketball machine or ping pong table and screaming victory!

We say — play, let loose and recharge!

A dream office design?

We’ve put together our best minds behind the design of our coworking spaces. You might just find the dream office you’ve been searching for right here at JustCo. Whether you’re a startup looking for a private studio to accommodate your growing team or an enterprise considering to fit-out your office with us, you can look forward to an office designed to your needs. To get started, take a peek at our coworking spaces with our free trial!