Decentralised Workforce: Changing Traditional Office Spaces

Today, businesses no longer need to operate from a single location. Instead, technological innovations have given rise to a decentralised workforce model where employees can work from numerous sites, including their private homes and coworking spaces. With this change in approach making work more flexible and convenient, businesses and their employees are increasingly realising the benefits

The pandemic has driven many businesses to adopt a fully work-from-home model, but changing restrictions around COVID-19 are seeing companies apply their learnings to a decentralised philosophy. With the 2021 EY Work Reimagined Employee Survey finding that 70% of Southeast Asian workers believe a hybrid approach has increased their company’s productivity and creativity, this might just be your best way forward.

What is a decentralised workforce?

As you might expect, a decentralised workforce moves away from a traditional business structure that sees employees work from a primary location. While some companies had already adopted this method before the pandemic, the swift acceptance of video conferencing tools and cloud-based services helped foster widespread interest in flexible working arrangements.

Now, autonomous and semi-autonomous teams can work from home and virtual offices rather than spending crucial hours of the day travelling to and from the office. However, the decentralised workforce model doesn’t totally remove human interaction from the equation. You might simply have your team work from their nearest coworking space, slashing their commute times and elevating their work-life balance.

A decentralised workforce isn’t just about location. It also changes the traditional management hierarchy, as managers overseeing smaller, more localised teams wield increased decision-making power than in traditional top-down workplaces. Supported by a flatter corporate structure, a decentralised workforce can communicate more effectively while executing tasks with greater agility.

How has decentralised work changed traditional office space?

As countless companies emerge from the pandemic, finding a model that serves business needs and keeps employees happy is essential. So, what is the solution? The hybrid model is proving a success for many organisations, as it gives workers the freedom to work where they feel most comfortable. Some team members are definitely keen to return to the office; others equally prefer working remotely. A hybrid model delivers on both these needs.

JustCo Singapore is helping modern businesses make this approach a reality with 18 coworking spaces and virtual offices across the island, from Tampines in the East to Jurong in the West. This vast network ensures your team has a flexible space near them, meaning those who want to work from an office-like environment never have to travel far. 

Depending on the needs of your business, a decentralised approach can mean renting a handful of hot desks or fully-fledged private office space. For example, our hot desks are great for individuals who want the flexibility of working at any JustCo location of their choice or convenience. Meanwhile, our private offices can help smaller unit teams congregate in a decentralised location. A shorter-term contract coupled with move-in ready facilities allow them to immediately pivot towards this working style. With our virtual spaces featuring tech-enabled meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, recreational areas, event spaces, and more, your business doesn’t have to make sacrifices when switching to a decentralised workforce

As over 50% of Singaporean workers say they would consider quitting a job that demands they return to the office full-time, keeping up with the times is imperative to your success. While this shift is bound to increase employee happiness, it also ‌reduces business costs, as traditional office leases increasingly become a thing of the past.

Enable a Decentralised Workforce With JustCo Singapore

As employees increasingly desire a decentralised approach from their employers, supporting their needs with a superior coworking space is the best move for your future. JustCo has working spaces and virtual offices in the East, West, and throughout the CBD of Singapore, ensuring your team has a location near them that enables their day-to-day activities. 

Ready to find out more about our membership plans? You can book a free trial at your preferred JustCo Singapore space to experience how it meets the needs of your workforce. With over 100,000 members trusting JustCo around the globe, our working spaces and virtual offices in Singapore are bound to impress. Get in touch with us to learn more.