Is work from hotel a coworking alternative in Singapore?

The global virus outbreak has halted international travel, affecting not just the aviation sector but the hospitality industry too. Despite the struggle, some of the top-class brands in Singapore have suited up to adapt, tapping on the accelerated future of work that has overcome the labour market. That is through the other ‘WFH’ – work from hotel.

Work from hotel is in itself an innovative solution, a useful business strategy for the current work climate.

From hotel lounges to private suites, freelancers, office employees and the like have explored work from hotel as a work staycation – getting their tasks done in the midst of luxury their homes could never afford. For working adults, it serves as a breather from the work from home hustle – a change in environment accommodates the challenges experienced with the rushed shift in the workplace due to the pandemic.

Considering the hotel amenities one can avail with a work from hotel package, it sure is an alternative to coworking in Singapore… as long as a temporary escape is all you need.

But if your goal is to scale faster, would this solution really work for you?

We reckon – for a long-term working solution, coworking will be a better option. Why’s that?

A Cost-Effective Monthly Fee Lets You In More Than Just The Space

With just a basic plan on JustCo, you not only get to use a co-sharing office space but also gain access to a suite of business amenities, such as pay-per-use meeting rooms, printing facilities, mail handling and IT support anytime you need them. There’s also a shared pantry with free flow of snacks, water, tea and coffee – all within easy reach. A premium business address is yours to own too, perfect for professional freelancers and startups working independently.

A simple upgrade will give you 24/7 unlimited access to the coworking space, a dedicated desk or a fully-furnished private office.

Further – all coworking plans let you hop into any of our 18 centres in Singapore, as well as those within our global network. 

What’s in it for you?

With a monthly fee, you get a whole package designed towards providing you with the best work experience you could ever ask for. Whether you need it only once a month or a few days each week, the coworking space will always be available for you. Moreover, you don’t have to go back to the same co-sharing office as you can step into another at our centres elsewhere as and when it’s convenient. Simply put, you’re not bound to a location, as opposed to work from hotel packages that are tied to the premises.

To top it off, once you’ve booked yourself a private suite, you won’t have to vacate for another member to use. You have sole access – even leaving your equipment behind for the day is possible as our round-the-clock security will ensure everything is kept safe.

A Coworking Space Is Designed For Personal And Business Growth.

Further to the amenities provided, members enjoy exclusive perks as part of the cost-effective plans. These include participation in business events and networking sessions across industries where members can connect for collaboration opportunities. Moreover, members can take advantage of discounted services from various trusted providers. For instance, our JustCo Campus and ECI coaching services offer training opportunities for individuals willing to upskill and organisations seeking avenues for employee development. Our partnerships with Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and HubSpot provide businesses with the leverage when they consider scaling operations with cloud functionalities, setting them towards a direction of growth. Yogofi Pocket Wi-Fi for international connectivity makes it easy for business travellers to stay connected while on the go. Shopback, ClassPass and FoodPanda privileges are additional perks that offer the perfect harmony of work and play.

Here’s a quick summary of our perks:


  • JustCo Campus – Get personalised one-to-one skills development sessions
  • ECI Coaching – Speak to an experienced coach at just $60


  • Dropbox – Enjoy 10% off all packages
  • Amazon Web Services – Get USD5,000 in credits
  • Hubspot – Claim up tp to 90% discount on any plan in the first year
  • Yogofi Wi-Fi – Leverage USD2.50 global Wi-Fi connectivity per day


  • Shopback – Enjoy 5% cashback on your first purchase
  • ClassPass – Explore for free in the first month and 10% off upon membership sign-up
  • FoodPanda – Order and enjoy up to SGD8 off per order

What’s in it for you?

With a coworking space, you’re not just signing up for an alternative workplace but a full-proof solution that considers long-term requirements. It is centred upon bringing you the growth you need as an individual practitioner or as a business.

A Positive Work Environment Is Always Available

For those working from home or hotel, recreating the office environment for productive work can be challenging. The coworking space is designed to offer just that. Amping up the surroundings, the entertainment and game areas, and common pantry bring a sense of community to the workplace.

What’s in it for you?

If you miss the social interactions back in the office, the coworking space covers that for you. This is especially important for boosting happiness at work, a key stress reliever. The interactive space also serves as a good demarcation between work and your home, the latter essentially being your place to relax. If you want to stay away from distractions at home, prevent the blurring between work and play, and avoid the walls closing in on you – possible occurrences even in a hotel suite, the coworking space and its community-centred design give you the seamless divide you need.

Whether you are working from a hotel or in a coworking space, a solution is only right for you as long as it addresses your needs. Making that decision requires deliberation – take the time to decide.  Or if you’re like to trial the benefits of JustCo for yourself, sign-up for a free 1 week trial here!