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How to get a cheaper ride when you work in the CBD

Working in the Central Business District (CBD) gives you access to all kinds of food options, networking opportunities, and the sheer energy and bustle of the commercial district. But there is one downside – ride-hailing in the area can be a pain. JustCo speaks to Grab to get some answers (and tips!).

It has long been established that taking a daily Grab or a taxi over 10 years costs roughly half of owning and maintaining a car for the same period of time. But hailing a ride when you work in the CBD – what with surge pricing, high demand from users, and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries around every corner – is no walk in the park either.

At JustCo, we hear from our members all the time that it can be challenging to ride-hail to any of our 16 co-working spaces around Singapore’s hottest CBD spots and business communities. We hear you, so we’ve spoken to Grab to discover a few ways you can try to get a cheaper ride to/ from your CBD office every day.

  1. Being early in the morning might work to your advantage

We all dread those red arrows on the app, indicating a price surge is on. If you are not in a massive rush, you should definitely check out Grab’s new ‘Beat High Fares’ feature.

Simply click ‘Beat High Fares’ during price surge, and the app will alert you over the next 15 mins when your fare has dropped. You will have 5 mins to book a new ride.

If you can afford to wait a bit longer for your ride, Grab’s new ‘Beat High Fares’ feature will monitor prices and inform you when the surge has lowered.

  1. Then again, running late might work in your favour too

Depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re heading to, the cost of rides into / out of the CBD will vary wildly with the amount of ERPs you end up paying.

ERP charges change constantly, so try to keep track of the gantries that are increasing / decreasing in price. If all else fails, 8am – 9am is a typical time period to avoid going through ERP gantries in your ride.

If you find yourself running late for work (read: after 9am), you might actually score yourself a cheaper ride! Bonus: traffic usually lightens up after 9am, so your ride might end up being shorter too.

  1. GrabShare 3 min wait

For those who aren’t familiar with GrabShare, it is a carpooling service that allows passengers to share their rides and fares with other passengers headed in the same direction. It is not only a more economical option, but also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to commute to and from work every day.

Grab has just introduced a new feature on GrabShare to enable passengers to ‘wait and save’ – the app will take 3 extra minutes to match you with more passengers. This will reduce the price of your journey. There is also an estimated time feature on GrabShare that will help guide your schedule.

  1. Advance booking

If you work in the CBD, chances are you’ve experienced the same shock we have – seeing a triple surge in prices in the morning or evening.

You can either activate the ‘Beat High Prices’ feature as we mentioned earlier, or you could make a pre-emptive strike and book your ride in advance. Advanced booking doesn’t always guarantee the cheapest fare, but it will help you avoid a larger surge when you need your ride at a busy time.

JustGrab rides can be booked up to 7 days in advance, and you will only pay the price quoted at the time of booking. The quoted price is also inclusive of the $8 convenience fee so there are no surprises on the final fare.

Try to beat surge shock by booking in advance – it doesn’t guarantee the cheapest fare, but you will not pay above what was quoted at the time of booking (which may be less than the surged price).


If you’re ready to try out some of these tips, why not start with a JustCo space, located around town and the CBD? We have 15 of those spaces in operation today. Call us to book a free tour!

This article is written in consultation with Grab.