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Co-working spaces here to stay as more MNCs adopt ‘hub and spoke’ model

29 May 2022

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When co-working spaces first entered Singapore’s office space scene, they were seen as temporary office spaces for individuals and startups to bootstrap and get their businesses rolling without the commitment of a fixed lease office space.

However, that has changed today as co-working spaces see more multi-national corporations (MNCs) downsizing their main office, opting to put some, or all, of their employees in co-working spaces across Singapore.

JustCo foresees that demand for its co-working space will gain further momentum as hybrid work becomes a norm and more businesses with expiring fixed leases look toward flexible co-working spaces.

Michael Sim, vice president and head of JustCo Singapore and Korea, said: “During the pandemic, we noticed that hot-desking became more popular as individuals sought a ‘third space’ outside of their home and regular office.”

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