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JustCo expands co-working offerings in Japan

01 Mar 2022

JustCo DK Japan, Co., Ltd., a Daito Corporation Group joint-venture with JustCo Holdings Pte. Ltd., announced the expansion of its coworking offerings in Japan with a range of customized solutions for companies seeking flexible workspaces and to support the increasing “mobile workforce” who are free to work from anywhere.


JustCo DK’s first coworking workspace “JustCo at Shibuya Hikarie” is located on the 33rd floor of Shibuya Hikarie, while another co-working centre “.BASE managed by JustCo” is located on the 19th floor of Toranomon Towers Office, a prime business location in Tokyo. Both locations in the heart of Tokyo city centre cater well to businesses and professionals seeking maximum flexibility to manage their business costs.


To further cater to the needs of the Japanese workforce who live in the city fringe, JustCo also launched its new global product, JustCo Zone, in Japan. JustCo Zone is an ultra-convenient, unmanned, pay-per-minute solution that complements the larger JustCo co-working locations in the city centre. In Japan, the JustCo Zones are located in three busy terminal stations in the North, South and East of central Tokyo: Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture; Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo and Honcho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, offering convenience to meet the needs of a wide range of people.


JustCo is Asia’s leading provider of flexible workspace for businesses of all sizes seeking flexible solutions to nimbly scale their operations. Headquartered in Singapore, JustCo has over 40 co-working spaces across 10 major cities in Asia Pacific.


As hybrid work becomes more and more popular in Japan, companies are increasingly providing highly flexible work solutions to manage employee safety and productivity. To enable a more seamless experience across its offerings, JustCo members at “.BASE” and “JustCo Shibuya Hikarie” will access all locations of “JustCo Zone” for free, enabling members to work near their homes.


KONG Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo, said: “Hybrid work is here to stay. Companies offering flexible workspace arrangements are favorably viewed, strengthening their brand affinity and long-term attractiveness to hire and retain strong talent. JustCo is well-positioned in Japan to partner companies seeking highly convenient and professional workspaces to grow well into the future.”


Shogo Suzuki, General Manager of JustCo DK Japan, Co., Ltd. , said: “In Tokyo, the flexible workspace sector is underpenetrated. A recent industry report indicates that only about 2% of office stock in Tokyo is being occupied by flexible operators, which is less than half of the average figure in other major Asian cities. We are excited to serve the market with our range of workspace solutions.”