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Profits before IPO, says founder of co-working unicorn JustCo

27 May 2022

As featured on:
The Business Times, Garage

ASIAN co-working operator JustCo explored going public in the United States last year through merging with a blank-cheque company. But with markets now plunged into turmoil, perhaps it was just as well that a deal did not happen.

As an operator of flexible working spaces, JustCo was hardly a pandemic winner. Yet the company has managed to tide through the crisis relatively unscathed, JustCo’s founder and CEO, Kong Wan Sing Kong, shared.

JustCo’s co-working portfolio has grown from 1.3 million square feet (sq ft) as at end-2019 to about 2 million sq ft now. This includes four newly-signed centres in Singapore, Thailand and Japan announced last month.

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