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Who is Coworking Suited For?

JustCo, Singapore’s Leading Coworking Space Provider

Coworking spaces are said to improve productivity amongst professionals regardless of the industry they are in. Working in such places is thus more than a mere economical decision made to save costs on space rentals, but also a tactical approach for business growth.

Bursting with lavish amenities and stylish workspaces, the coworking scene is flourishing in Singapore, and JustCo is making its mark as a community that allows you to be productive in style. From tech-preneurs and big corporations to SMEs and freelancers, professionals and creatives from different lines and walks of life are welcome at the JustCo coworking space in Singapore and benefit from our members’ perks

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Coworking Spaces for Big Corporations

Once thought to be a space for freelancers, coworking spaces are now becoming popular amongst big corporations. With employees finding work more meaningful at coworking spaces due to the absence of challenges usually seen in a traditional business setting, big corporations are also reaping the benefits of improved productivity.

Being partners with large-scale corporations such as Dropbox, JustCo provides an alternative place for your company and employees to run your business. Require a meeting room on demand? We have them. If you are looking for a private office space that is separate from the JustCo community, our premium office space solutions offer enterprises  dedicated spaces with private access  to market their brand

Coworking Spaces for Startups

JustCo is a collaborative space that aids in triggering a creative spark by exposing you to new perspectives. With the increased potential of interaction, strong networks are fostered amongst business leaders and entrepreneurs, providing startups and SMEs with alternatives to business hurdles.

Interact with coworkers of the JustCo community and learn from their unique and diverse skill sets to grow your business. One can only know what a casual conversation with a like-minded professional may lead to. By working closely with other creatives, you expose yourself and your team to new opportunities

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Coworking Spaces for Freelancers

Freelancers tend to be location-independent. With the ability to work whenever and wherever without being tied to one specific location or job routine is part and parcel of their work dynamic. Coworking spaces that cater to their wavering needs not only provide them with a workspace but also the opportunity to be part of a community and surround themselves with other high-achieving professionals.

When working at a coworking space, freelancers can enjoy the job control and flexibility provided by exclusive JustCo memberships. With the thriving social aspect of coworking, you also attain work-life balance as well as a sense of connection to a professional community that working from home may not provide. And who knows? You could very well collaborate on a new project with the person sitting next to you.

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JustCo’s coworking spaces are a flexible, economical, and productive option for large-scale corporations and freelancers alike. Our work-friendly spaces not only promote productivity but offer you professional credibility with its fully-equipped facilities and professional address.

Browse through our plans and pricing and find the best package that suits your needs. Should you have any queries, contact us to book a tour or to get a free day trial.


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