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    Disruption to business can occur in any form and at any time. No matter how small or big they may appear to be, these disruptions can have a severe impact on your company, especially if you are unprepared. To maintain and continue business operations despite the disruptions, establishing an effective Business Continuity Plan is imperative. To create an ideal model, however, is easier said than done. Key foundations need to be set before you can explore the options at hand. Here are some questions to think about:

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    • Is your company’s Business Continuity Planeffective in ensuring operations remain seamless and smooth in the event of unexpected disruptions?
    • How quick are you able to implement your solutions?
    • Are your employees able to work efficiently with maximum productivity?
    • Can your company still deliver in the most cost-effectivemanner?


    Our JustCo offices are fitted with all the necessary amenities you need to ensure your productivity never stalls in the event of unexpected disruptions. We understand what businesses need to tide through changes and we deliver with optimal quality and service.

    We support your Business Continuity Management strategy, so you can rest assured that your employees will have a convenient space to perform their work efficiently and keep operations running despite the disruptions.

    We help complete your office-based Business Continuity Plan with: 

    1 . Meeting rooms of various sizes to conduct private discussions and meetings with employees and external stakeholders.

    2 . High-speed internet for fuss-free, fast and secure connectivity.

    3 . Business-grade printers, photocopiers and well-stocked office supplies to support operations

    4 . Efficient tech support to address IT-related issues.


    As a co-working space provider, we also ensure that our well-furnished flexible workspaces islandwide can support businesses in times of change. For more information on our Business Continuity Management solutions, please get in touch by completing the form.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Business Continuity Plans are pre-drafted protocols for how your business will navigate and overcome a disruption caused by an emergency. It’s a serialised checklist of risk-mitigating actions and procedures to take for when disasters strike. Such disasters may include natural disasters and human-led mishaps, such as on-premise accidents, cybersecurity breaches, supply chain disruptions and more.

    As with all business plans, there are a set of general requirements. Start by assessing your business processes and determine which are the areas that are vulnerable to potential threats.

    Afterwhich, develop a plan with these general steps:

    1. Identifying the scope and objectives
    2. Identifying key business areas
    3. Identifying and highlighting critical functions and their vulnerabilities
    4. Identify dependencies between key business areas and functions
    5. Determine acceptable downtime for each critical function
    6. Create a plan to maintain operations of each area

    Business Continuity Plan is focused on countermeasures to enable prompt recovery of business activity after a disaster. Business Continuity Management, however, is the maintenance and management of the aforementioned plan. Business Continuity Management typically involves disciplines of Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

    Once you’re done creating a Business Continuity Plan, by no means is the preparation complete. There are still follow-up procedures to maintain the efficacy of the plan, especially in the long run. This is crucial as variables are constantly changing, and you will need to make sure your business is evolving in tandem.

    Create a checklist that includes the supplies and equipment needed, location of data backups and backup sites, contact information for key personnel, emergency responders and backup site providers. Be sure to include regular table-top exercises, structured walk-throughs, and disaster simulation testings to ensure that your Business Continuity Plan remains effective.

    Procedures should be developed to review the impact of new processes, systems and technology on a regular basis. Be sure to also document any changes made to existing plans, so that the rest of the team can be up to speed with the recent updates.

    Two key attributes of a successful Business Continuity Plan are flexibility and reliability – things we offer! With 20 co-working locations in Singapore, JustCo can provide you with Business Continuity Management solutions to meet your needs. We offer fully furnished offices that are operationally ready immediately, so you can “plug & play” quickly without any hassle. From hotdesking to private studios, we have a wide range of flexible workspace solutions that allow companies to be flexible, agile and ready anytime, anywhere.

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