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The Anatomy Of A Good Coworking Space

15 May, 2024

Coworking in Bangkok has become increasingly popular in the wake of the pandemic, especially since the available local resources are useful for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs alike. However, unlike before, it’s no longer just about the facilities. The design of coworking spaces also plays a significant role for many users. 

Through the creation of a productive environment, a good coworking space should help people avoid distraction while providing them with an escape from the social isolation that comes with work-from-home setups. 

But what constitutes an ideal coworking space design? It is not just putting chairs and tables together. Imagine a diverse group of people doing different jobs at the same location – they need both privacy and opportunities for collaboration. As such, multiple considerations have to be taken into account to create a functional, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing coworking space. 

Here, we break down the anatomy of the co-working culture and find out what makes shared office spaces in Bangkok so appealing. 

A Balance Between “I” And “We” 

One of the main reasons why coworking spaces in Bangkok are popular among professionals is because it offers everyone the chance to work privately at a private office. On the other hand, communal areas such as the pantry or the workbenches offer the opportunity of allowing strangers to connect with their fellow remote workers and even make new friends. 

In terms of structural design, a good coworking space refers to having clearly defined areas for the individual as well as the coworking community. This can be made possible through various approaches. For instance, JustCo Thailand offers an open-plan layout (renting a desk/workbench) that encourages a more collaborative work ethic and private offices to give your team members their own space to focus on their tasks at hand. 

To further complement the layout of the workspaces, JustCo has also incorporated high ceilings, comfortable seatings, as well as bright colours to make the space even more inviting. The shared office spaces are also often connected to other amenities like the pantry or recreational areas. 

Accessibility To Office Amenities

Access to specific essential amenities also plays a vital role in the design of a coworking space. This includes fast and reliable WiFi and areas for printing, photocopying, and scanning. A good coworking space has these amenities placed at strategic locations that are easily accessible for all members. Aside from that, it’s also important to ensure these amenities are safe from external factors that could cause damage like heat, moisture, or sunlight. 

This does not apply to just collaborative workspaces; the same considerations should extend to other office amenities as well. 

It’s All About The Lighting

Lighting is another design aspect that creates the atmosphere of the coworking space. Ideally, most coworking spaces have varied lighting levels that create a balance between areas that are designed for work and areas for rest and relaxation. For instance, the shared working space in JustCo Silom Edge. Bangkok has full-length windows to allow for natural light to come in throughout the day, and this works as an extra motivator for members to stay focused and on track for their tasks. 

However, a lot of this comes down to personal preferences and industry – video editors and software engineers prefer dimly-lit rooms so that they can see their screens better. 

An Example Of A Great Coworking Space Design 

As mentioned earlier, a key aspect of an effective coworking space design has specially defined areas for the individual and all. 

One good example would be JustCo Capital Tower, All Seasons Place in Bangkok. It offers a modern and casual vibe with its combination of private offices and open spaces. Members can subscribe to different membership plans and coworking spaces that cater to every business need. Instead of sweeping acrylic curves and sharp corners, “roaming zones” and shared spaces encourage interaction; there is also a selection of places such as meeting rooms within the office to facilitate the breadth of activities conducted by your team. 

From the colours and furniture to the lighting and layout, every detail and equipment is deliberately selected for its form and stated functionality. 

Find The Right Coworking Space For You

Everyone deserves a welcoming workplace, including you! Today’s coworking spaces in Bangkok are geared towards balancing work efficiency as well as employees’ well-being. With five locations in Thailand, visit any of our shared office spaces in Bangkok to find the best coworking space to meet your needs. 

Reach out to us today to find out more about shared office spaces in Bangkok.

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