A Coworking Space in Sathorn Perfect for Bangkok-based Startups

COVID-19 has undoubtedly been a global crisis, but it has bred a wealth of opportunities amidst severe danger. In response to lockdown restrictions, health scares, and other fallouts as a result of the pandemic, innovators have seized new business opportunities in the space that the pandemic created.  Thai entrepreneurs are no exception to this global innovation trend. From simple ideas that addressed immediate concerns, such as making high-quality face masks and donating profits to charity, to forward-thinking ideas, such as the revolution of e-commerce infrastructure, Thailand has birthed a brood of rising entrepreneurs and small business owners that are embracing the opportunities presented to them. With so many new businesses starting out, business owners have turned to companies like JustCo to provide office space and business services solutions. In particular, JustCo’s coworking spaces in Sathorn have grown in popularity.


Small businesses and startups typically face a few key challenges in their growth stages. Once an idea has manifested itself into a tangible product or realistic service, entrepreneurs need to hire new staff to start planning production, sales, marketing, accounting, and other key business functions. An influx of employees creates the need for an office, and their work requires the need for utilities and amenities. Quickly, a budget-conscious startup now has to juggle a slew of new expenses. So, how is a startup to balance spending on human capital and overheads? JustCo provides the solution that these startups need. JustCo’s coworking spaces and shared offices are a cost-effective way for startups to provide their employees with a full suite of business services and premium office amenities. From high-speed internet, to printers and scanners, employees working out of a JustCo shared office space will be fully-equipped to excel in their role. Plus, shared meeting rooms make hosting a meeting with potential business partners simple. By renting a shared office space from JustCo, startup owners can significantly reduce monthly overheads and redirect that spending into areas like human capital, research and development, and marketing. JustCo offers a range of coworking space options that can be tailored to fit the needs of your startup.


Over the past decade or so, Sathorn has emerged as one of Bangkok’s top business districts. The blossoming of the finance industry and the development of Sathorn and Silom as residential and entertainment hubs have made the area very attractive for startups to set up their operations. JustCo’s Sathorn serviced offices are in the AIA Tower, in the heart of Sathorn. After work, it’s common for JustCo tenants to grab a drink or dinner together at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. Additionally, the newly opened BTS St. Louis station directly connects to the AIA Tower, making transportation to and from JustCo a breeze.  The location isn’t the only reason JustCo’s serviced offices in Sathorn are so popular. By working out of JustCo, you’ll have direct access to a network of over 100,00 members in APAC, including potential VCs, incubators, accelerators, and investors. Plus, JustCo frequently holds networking events and classes on site, promoting a sense of community and mutual growth. For startups, these kinds of opportunities are priceless. If you are a small business owner, burgeoning startup, or driven entrepreneur looking for a coworking space in Sathorn to establish roots, there’s no better place than JustCo. Visit JustCo at the AIA Tower in Sathorn today, and be sure to ask about our 15% off hot desk membership! Opportunity awaits at JustCo.