Enjoy a Balance of Work & Play in a Bangkok Shared Office Space

Recently, the world has unwittingly been taking part in a unique social experiment that’s destined to change the way we balance work and play for many years to come. It will also cause shared office spaces in Bangkok and elsewhere to adapt to the changes that have occurred as a result of this unprecedented experiment. Of course, the experiment we’re referring to is the global COVID-19 pandemic. These changes brought about by the pandemic have meant that people who had set themselves and their teams up in a co-working office space in Sathorn, for instance, have suddenly found themselves having to work from home and communicate by video conferencing software instead, which has had its downsides as well as its benefits.


The move from being amongst your friends and colleagues in the centre of Bangkok’s thriving commercial and financial district to working from your bedroom or kitchen table has affected some workers more than others.  But as the pandemic continues to force people to work from home, many are beginning to experiment with their own personal ways to ease the sense of loneliness and isolation that comes from not interacting face-to-face with people who were a large part of their daily lives before the pandemic. FOMO, or the “fear of missing out” can also cause anxiety in entrepreneurs on the verge of achieving a big milestone in their careers.


Despite the downsides of working from home and being isolated from coworkers, it has given many people time to reassess their priorities and strive for a ‘happy medium’ that works for their professional and personal lives. As a result, many businesses are set to react to their employees’ requests, and consider shared office spaces in Bangkok as an alternative to their permanent office locations.  Although shared office spaces in Bangkok are a fairly recent phenomenon in Thailand that are beginning to increase in popularity among young entrepreneurs launching startups and small businesses, they’ve been a hit in other cities around the world for years now.  People around the world have discovered that they don’t need to keep to an 8-hour working day schedule to stay engaged and productive in their job. Maintaining their interest in work and their energy levels is what really matters to them and their employers.  Thanks for this change in priorities and ways of working, shared office spaces in Bangkok are increasing in demand. People are realising that paying for a dedicated office in expensive areas such as Sathorn, simply doesn’t make sense, and instead a more flexible approach and a shared office in Sathorn, would be more beneficial.  The lessons we learned during the pandemic have proven that an employee’s contribution to their job can be improved by finding a balance between their work and personal lives.  JustCo provides fully-equipped, spacious co-working spaces and serviced office space to suit this changing business environment and manner of working. We help workers adapt their lifestyles to become happier and more productive individuals at work, and at home.