How Shared Office Spaces In Bangkok Helps Entrepreneurs And Startups

Before the pandemic upended traditional workplaces around the world in 2020, shared offices and coworking spaces were already popular amongst self-employed entrepreneurs and millennials. While many of us have shifted to working from home, the post-pandemic era is seeing the eponymous digital nomads and entrepreneurs break age-old routines of workplaces by working remotely in shared office spaces

Bangkok, Thailand, in particular, is seeing a constant increase in growth and the number of players in the shared working space, reflecting that the country is willing to embrace new work trends. But, what is it that makes shared office spaces in Bangkok so appealing to entrepreneurs and startups? Read on to find out! 

The Appeal Of Shared Office Spaces In Bangkok

Many entrepreneurs seek an environment that lets them put their “work mode” on effortlessly so that they can focus on getting their tasks done within the day. Coworking spaces just like JustCo provide the right kind of environment that fosters dedication and high-spirited energy to achieve a productive day at work. 

Shared office rentals in Bangkok provide a working environment that supports quick and rapid business growth. Unlike a hot desk, having a shared office space provides your startup with a space that reflects your company’s vision while also ensuring your team has privacy and personal space. Furthermore, coworking spaces such as Justco also provide workers with an unmatched level of hospitality to ensure smooth business operations. 

How Do Shared Office Spaces Help Entrepreneurs?

Eliminates The Need For Capital Investments And Operational Liabilities

To start with, many coworking spaces or shared offices in Bangkok relieve entrepreneurs of the heavy capital investment needed to operate from a private office space. We understand that it is not easy to start a business of your own. Hence, our shared office spaces in Bangkok aim to help entrepreneurs focus on the core areas of their business instead of worrying about the office operations.  

For example, JustCo Silom Edge offers shared offices and enterprise suites for rent. Not only do these spaces come fully furnished with office equipment, but members can also enjoy high-quality Internet connectivity and housekeeping that comes with the rental. All of the office space upkeep, including the technical aspects, is all taken care of by a specialised ops team. And, it does not just end here. When you rent a shared office in a coworking space, you’ll also get to enjoy operational and technical support should you face any trouble within the workspace.

Besides all these, shared office spaces in Bangkok make for easy expansion plans for business growth in terms of space.

Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces often conduct regular events and activities to help their community members stay connected. With the right connections within the shared office space in Bangkok, entrepreneurs and employees of startups can easily collaborate with other businesses to help them grow.   

Furthermore, coworking spaces also serve as a platform for people from various industries to work together. For entrepreneurs, an environment like this can prove to be extremely advantageous as it gives them access to highly-talented individuals and freelancers to work with. Collaboration is essential to the success of any idea, and coworking spaces strive to follow this philosophy.

Choose JustCo Silom Edge As Your Rental Office Of Choice

Working from a shared office space not only provides a great environment for you and your team, but it also makes your business journey worthwhile. Coupled with the chance to meet like-minded individuals and the right set of mentors, your business has the opportunity to grow incredibly within a short period of time. All you have to do now is pick the right kind of shared office space for your company and let the energy of a thriving community work its magic on you.

Justco Thailand’s latest shared office space in Bangkok, at Silom Edge, is a mixed-use development with premium office and retail spaces located on a prime corner of Silom-Rama 4 in Bangkok. Both Silom MRT and Sala Daeng BTS stations are easily accessible from JustCo at Silom Edge. This trendy district, which is located in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling financial district, offers an abundance of dining options, attractions, and entertainment options. 

Occupying four floors of the office tower, working at Justco Silom Edge gives you a stunning view overlooking the luscious greenery of Lumpini Park. Other highlights of the space include spacious collaboration areas, hot desks, booth seating, and a suite of amenities to accommodate over 900 members — the perfect haven for a thriving sandbox community.

Contact us today to find out more about shared office spaces in Silom Edge!