JustCo Offices are the Place to Be for Gig Economy Workers

The digitalisation of business has dramatically changed the profile of the modern worker. Just twenty years ago, a university graduate would print a stack of CVs and send them off to prospective employers in hopes of securing gainful employment, whereas today, young professionals have a wealth of business opportunities at their fingertips wherever they are in the world. We’ve entered a global marketplace that is seeing the emergence of the Gig Economy. In short, the Gig Economy covers the massive amount of work done by independent contractors or freelancers who leverage their expertise and skills and work multiple part time jobs. These are non-salaried employees who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working to their own schedule and at the location that is most convenient for them. While those in the Gig Economy get their choice of where and when to work, many still find they are most productive in a professional working environment. JustCo offices in Bangkok provide a conducive working environment while also allowing for workers to keep their independence.



JustCo has multiple small office rentals in Bangkok scattered about the many business districts across the city, making them excellent options for freelancers and members of the Gig Economy. JustCo spaces promote interaction and collaboration between tenants while also maintaining health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When you work at JustCo in a studio office rental in Bangkok, you will have 24/7 access to your working space, secured high-speed internet, fully-equipped meeting rooms, and business amenities like printing facilities, office supplies and IT support.


JustCo offices are dynamic workspaces with spacious break-out areas, onsite food and beverage options and in-house entertainment including foosball and a games room. JustCo is not your traditional stuffy office; it is a working community designed for young professionals to work hard and develop their professional network. The spacious breakout areas and equipped common rooms promote interaction and collaboration between you and your fellow tenants. JustCo offices in Bangkok continue to be a co-working hub where many young businesses are conceived and launched amidst this unprecedented time.


If you are a member of the Gig Economy or are an entrepreneur or freelancer looking for office space for rent in Bangkok, consider setting up a station at JustCo. Join our community of like-minded professionals at one of our convenient locations across Bangkok. JustCo located in central Bangkok is ideal for burgeoning entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, and grow. If you are a freelancer or remote worker looking for your next workplace in Bangkok, check out JustCo’s locations around the city for highly-coveted office space for rent in Bangkok. The pandemic has changed the way people work and forced businesses to rethink their office management strategies, where cost-effectiveness, flexibility and collaboration are now the core tenets of their business endeavors. Find all of that, and more, at a JustCo office today. Experience JustCo with free trial and special rates.