Reap the Benefits of a Co-working Space in Sathorn

The image of what a productive workplace looks like has undergone a transformation over recent years. The cachet of the private corner office and dozens of cubicles as far as the eye could see are starting to become icons of the past. Shared office space in Bangkok is becoming the norm for brands and startups looking to make a name for themselves.When the concept of sharing office space in Bangkok was first dreamed up, it was mainly due to young entrepreneurs needing to save as much money as possible. Sharing rent and office resources with like-minded brands was an efficient way to focus most of your expenditures on the development and marketing of your products and services. Rather than having to spend money on expensive infrastructure that you used only occasionally, by sharing the costs of these business necessities and renting a hybrid work space, you could pay a reduced amount and still have access to them when needed. Shared office spaces still count this as one of their major draws. But as time has passed, people have started to realise that there are additional benefits to sharing an office space, ones that nobody had thought of when the concept was first launched.


People involved in fledgling startup enterprises working in shared offices around the world quickly began to realise the value of bouncing ideas off people who weren’t necessarily officially involved in their company.  The absence of walls in the modern offices and the reliance on laptops as the main research, marketing, design and business machine meant that people from many startups would work in close quarters with one another.  They would share their collective experience and knowledge casually and help their neighbours when and where they could. Maybe their neighbours would offer a reciprocal amount of help in some intangible way that made the benefit mutual. Often, these office-mates would mention someone that was dealing with the very problem their neighbour was facing. Through this casual give-and-take, a supportive network was built that benefitted all the tenants of the shared office space.


Today, renting a co-working space is seen as one of the fastest ways to become a member of a valuable network of business, technical and investment contacts that can help your startup grow quickly. Being around creative and ambitious people helps you perform at your best.  Some of the most creative and ambitious people frequent the business and financial hub of the city, the Sathorn area of Bangkok. Renting a shared office in Sathorn could be the best move you make to foster your ideas’ growth into viable products and services.  You’ll be sharing a cup of coffee or playing a game of foosball with the people who might offer the unique perspective on your ideas that you need to move forward.  People are learning the value of sharing different ideas and perspectives as stepping stones in helping refine their concepts. Renting an office full of people with the same ideas and on the same path as you may once have seemed like the right way to go about things, but this can put your startup in the slow lane of innovation. Renting a co-working space in Sathorn enables you to reap the benefits of meeting people with different experiences and perspectives in the financial and business world that can offer real value to your business.  Why not visit the JustCo co-working space in Sathorn Tower and see for yourself how this creative and productive working environment can help you achieve your dreams?