Reasons to Consider a Small Office Rental in Bangkok


Many recent graduates in Thailand are realising that starting salaries at local companies are low  and they could make money working as freelancers. They are therefore deciding to build their own freelance businesses where they can earn a great living while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to run their business in a way that suits their lifestyle.  There are some aspects of freelance work that are challenging, however, such as not having a social environment at work, or a good place to host client meetings. This is why many freelancers seek out coworking spaces to help them overcome the difficulties of running their own business. This article will outline some of the top reasons that freelancers should consider renting a shared office space in Bangkok.


The first benefit to working in a shared office space in Bangkok is that you have access to a wide range of amenities that you can use to run your business smoothly. These typically include all basic office functionalities, such as printing and scanning, mail services, internet, and office supplies for general use. Furthermore, shared spaces include cleaning services and on-site front desk staff, who can answer questions and help you make the most of your space.  In addition, coworking spaces typically feature common area spaces and meeting rooms for rent that you can use to host clients or meet with collaborators. The many conveniences provided by shared office spaces can help you to run your business efficiently without needing to worry about day-to-day office operation tasks.


Another great feature of working in a shared office space is that you have the opportunity to network with a wide range of other young professionals. You will be surrounded by other small business owners and freelancers whose business may align well with yours. This provides you with many potential avenues for collaboration, as well as a space for exchanging ideas about the best way to manage a small, individual business.  Freelancers in shared coworking spaces are frequently able to network organically while working around other professionals, but many small office rentals in Bangkok also host networking events with all their tenants to help facilitate a collaborative environment where people can share their expertise.


In addition to providing potential new business opportunities, working within a shared office space in Bangkok gives you the opportunity to enjoy a workplace community. Staying productive without coworkers or other people to interact with during the day can be challenging, but coworking spaces provide freelancers with an ideal social environment of other working individuals.  This kind of positive, social environment at work can help to lift your spirits and boost your productivity levels. Being able to exchange ideas and chat with other professionals during your workday can also provide you with an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, keeping you motivated to achieve your career goals.


While renting a coworking space in Bangkok may not be as cost effective as working from home, the benefits it brings to your productivity could certainly make it a worthwhile financial decision. Profits can become very negatively affected by an inability to focus and complete projects well from home, so a shared space that allows you to feel a sense of professionalism and get your work done, also brings in more profits.  Additionally, coworking spaces are the most affordable physical office option for freelancers, small businesses and startups. If you plan to expand your business in the future, working from a shared space is a great way to save money up front and plan for future growth.


There are many amazing benefits to working in a shared office space for freelancers. If you’re interested in finding a small office for rent in Bangkok for your business, JustCo has some great options for you. Our four unique coworking spaces in Sathorn and Pathumwan all have amazing amenities and excellent staff, so we can help you get the perfect space to fit your freelancing business needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment and view one of our shared office spaces near you.