The JustCo Difference: How JustCo’s Office Solutions Provide Unique Value to Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but there are a few trends and predictors we can follow that reveal what society will be like once the pandemic comes to an end. In the business landscape, one clear trend we are seeing is companies reevaluating their traditional office model and looking at alternatives that better fit today and tomorrow’s business environments. Fortunately for companies in Bangkok, JustCo is a leading provider of alternatives to the traditional office setup, with many small offices for rent in Bangkok in prime locations across the city. All JustCo offices are full-service business centres with complimentary amenities, thus creating multiple value propositions for business owners and CEOs. JustCo offices are the offices of the future for entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses, providing key decision-makers with more flexibility. If you are an office manager or CEO looking to revamp your office setup and give your staff better flexibility, here are four benefits of working out of a JustCo rental office in Bangkok for you to consider.


Before shared working spaces like JustCo were a viable option for small businesses, business managers needed to set aside a reasonable amount of money for office costs. Apart from the office rental fee, companies need to additionally pay for electricity, water, machines like printers and copiers, and office supplies, among other things. Individually, these costs are not too great but added together, these costs can be a huge burden on a growing business’ bottom line. When you work out of a JustCo office, all of those additional costs disappear; all you pay for is your office rental fee. Each JustCo office is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and amenities, such as high-speed internet and 24/7 security. In addition, our housekeeping staff will ensure that your office is cleaned daily and that the shared spaces are in immaculate condition.


In a large and traffic-heavy city like Bangkok, you can never underestimate the value of an easy commute to work. It’s common knowledge that the average Bangkok commute is over one hour with most of that time spent stationary in traffic or waiting for congested public transportation. Knowing the pain of dealing with such a debilitating commute, JustCo has opened multiple office locations in Bangkok that are convenient and well-traveled areas of the city. JustCo offices are located at Samyan Mitrtown in Samyan, the Capital Tower All Seasons Place on Wireless Road, the Amarin Tower in Ploenchit, and the AIA Tower in Sathorn. Each of these areas is bustling with business activity and conveniently located near a BTS or MRT station. In fact, Samyan Mitrtown rental offices, Amarin Tower serviced offices and the shared offices at Sathorn’s AIA Tower are connected to public transportation, meaning that you won’t run the risk of getting wet if there is a famous Bangkok deluge occurring during your commute.


Part of any business’ daily work output is managing the health and wellbeing of the business itself. Elements like staff welfare and quality of workspace are all factors that a business manager needs to constantly be evaluating in addition to the normal workload. At JustCo, we take that extra work off your plate and let you focus solely on your business. When your company works at a JustCo small rental office in Bangkok, your staff are able to cut out their administrative tasks and dedicate their time to revenue-generating activities.


At JustCo, we approach work from a holistic perspective. Work should not be the defining factor of our lives and should not be so intense that we forget to take care of ourselves. While we hope all of our clients are able to strike a happy work/life balance, we also understand that sometimes work takes priority. That’s why we make sure that each JustCo office has spaces for our clients to forget about work and take a break. We are proud to dedicate space for our clients’ well-being and endeavour to create activities and provide opportunities for recreation within our facilities. Our belief is that if employees are able to destress and maintain a good balance in their life, they will keep a positive mindset while at work.


These are just a few of the excellent benefits you and your company will receive by renting a small office in Bangkok from JustCo. The future of work is shifting, and there’s no longer a need to have a large office with costly overheads. If you are interested in joining us at JustCo, please schedule an appointment to visit one of our offices in Bangkok.