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or call us at +66 (0) 2 055 8606

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Discover JustCo’s AIA Sathorn Tower Location

JustCo’s offices are designed with you in mind. From the ambiance to the flexibility, each element has been carefully considered to offer you the ultimate work environment. Let’s find out what makes JustCo’s shared office space in AIA Sathorn Tower different from regular offices.


JustCo’s shared office space at AIA Sathorn Tower is in an enviable location. Directly connected to BTS St Louis, you needn’t worry about those rainy season downpours. What’s more, your colleagues, clients and business partners will have no problem reaching you with the BTS easily connecting you to other parts of the city.

The area surrounding the office is also a haven for foodies, so you’ll have no shortage of options for lunches and entertaining associates after work.


Bangkok is an energetic, buzzing city. But when it comes to work you need a space where you can get away from it all and focus on the task at hand. That’s why JustCo has invested heavily in creating a working environment that takes you away from the stress and chaos that can sometimes come along with living in a big city like Bangkok.

The first thing you’ll notice as you reach the ninth floor and enter the JustCo shared office space in AIA Sathorn Tower is the space. Spread across two floors with a connecting internal stairway, your working environment has been designed so that it will never feel crowded or cluttered. With quiet pods available for phone calls or tasks that just need a bit more attention, you can reap the benefits of an open-plan working environment, and still have a little privacy when you need it. Breakout areas can also be used for face-to-face meetings with clients or colleagues.

AIA Sathorn Tower is an LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold precertification building with LED lighting used for office interiors, three layers of low-emission glass throughout, and 3-metre high ceilings. Light pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows which give you a great view of the city and a productive environment to work in.

We’ve even included some playful elements in the design of the JustCo serviced office space at AIA Sathorn Tower, including a hanging swing, a foosball table and a golf corner. These areas are great for you to take a break from all that hard work and connect with other JustCo members.


The moment you enter JustCo’s shared office space at AIA Sathorn Tower you’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionists. We work hard to foster a community feel at JustCo. Open areas allow us to do this and also serve as a space for us to host regular events for members. So, whether it’s over coffee at the café, chilling in a breakout area, or playing a game of foosball, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and become a part of the JustCo community.


When do you work best? Do you prefer the feeling of an early morning start, or perhaps you enjoy working late into the night. Whatever your preference, our shared office space at AIA Sathorn Tower is open 24/7 so you can work at the time that suits you and creates the working environment you’re most productive in.

Remember, as a Justco member you can access all four of our Bangkok locations, plus our 40 locations across APAC. So, wherever your travels take you, you’ll always feel right at home in a JustCo office.


JustCo offers flexible term contracts starting from just 1 month, so you can right-size your office whenever you need to.

Wave goodbye to fixed office overheads including rent, maintenance, office supplies and cleaning services with a JustCo membership. In uncertain times it’s nice to be certain that you can adapt to your business’s needs whenever necessary. From a simple desk space to a customised corporate office, we offer flexible workspace solutions to suit your needs.

JustCo Shared Office Space at AIA Sathorn Tower

JustCo’s shared office space at AIA Sathorn Tower is fully-equipped and spacious. We’re on a mission to promote a true sense of community and create an ambiance you’ll love working in. Contact us today to book a tour. Our team is here to discuss your business needs and find the perfect workspace solution for you! If you’d like to trial our spaces for free or learn more about our flexible plans, click here.

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How to marry design and technology at a workplace to maximise employees’ engagement and organisational resilience

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