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Best Practice Office Design for 2020

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01 Jan 2020

As we enter 2020, we’re turning an eye to emerging trends within the office design space. It’s been proven that there’s a direct relationship between smart office design and worker productivity. It is important to be committed to both style and function in the way we present our workspaces.

Biophilic design
Biophilic design is based on the concept of increasing connectivity to the environment through the incorporation of natural elements and materials. Textures such as wood are on trend, bringing an earthy feel into the office space, and plants breathe extra life into the workday. Offices shouldn’t feel sterile – wooden varnishes and greenery are increasingly being used to boost feelings of comfort and productivity. This goes hand-in-hand with black frames, concrete and layered textures which we’re seeing a lot of – all of which create an aesthetically pleasing space that goes well with sustainability.

Mixed-use Space
One co-working space can be home to a variety of businesses and professionals, each with different space requirements. Just one user has varied spatial needs throughout the day, depending on their state of mind and the task at hand. A well-designed and thoughtful modern workplace is one that considers different levels of privacy for its users, ranging from private office spaces, phone booths and meeting rooms to open plan communal spaces with collaboration opportunities.

For a change of environment, members can choose to unwind at JustCo’s in-house café at Samyan Mitrtown.

Co-working spaces have considerable draw thanks to the flexibility they provide, but also because of the warm atmosphere they offer. Coworking spaces are known for blending the structured environment of an office with the comforts of home. To create this atmosphere, JustCo uses a mix of warmoverhead LED lighting with side lamps and standing lamps to evoke a more ‘homely’ feeling. Edgy neon lights add pops of colour to spark motivation, creativity, and inspiration.

Natural light
As much as possible, natural light should be prioritised in the workspace to promote a calm, welcoming environment in the office and to increase concentration levels. With harsh fluorescent lighting having a negative impact on workers, more offices are incorporating large ceiling-to-floor windows, allowing the flow of natural light and opening up the space substantially.

Mothers’ rooms
Increasingly, employees demand flexible arrangements that often involve parenting and children. Workspaces should provide facilities that cater to different needs. In every JustCo location in Bangkok, a mothers’ room is provided for nursing mothers who are in need of a private space. The room is secure and well-equipped with refrigerator and comfortable chairs, and located in quiet areas in order to preserve privacy. Workplace design is shifting to support work/life balance and a big part of that is ensuring that mothers returning to work have access to the facilities they need.

Private phone booths
If you need to make a private work call in today’s primarily open plan spaces, you’re often faced with stepping outside or risking disrupting the whole office. Soundproof phone booths have become a staple in the co-working floor plan, as they allow for immediate privacy, and you don’t have to leave the office to find it. This is a crucial part of our office design at JustCo, and we intend to take it into 2020 and beyond.

Local touch
Most of us will spend one-third of our lives at work. As such, it is vital that the space we work in is conducive, comfortable and inspiring. JustCo enhances each space with a personalised local touch to inspire and comfort the members who spend so much time there. For instance, JustCo centres each feature a mural done by a local artist to add a personal touch to each space.

According to Forbes, variety is one of the leading trends in office design, and will continue to be in 2020. All workers are different, so it’s important to provide a space that will work for multiple personality types and give individuals some element of control. Offices are increasingly offering various sizes of meeting rooms, games rooms to let off some steam, communal tables for a change of pace, and more. These features all aim to foster an inclusive office space that supports work methods of all kinds.