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Why Businesses Should Consider Co-Working When Expanding Overseas

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01 Feb 2020

For most growing businesses, expanding their operations overseas is an exciting and often lucrative opportunity, opening the business up to an entirely new market ripe with possibility.

However, the reality of setting up shop in a different country is often much more complex, difficult and expensive than business owners may realise. Language barriers, a lack of connections and a deficit of resources can all make knowing where to start feel almost impossible.

Joy Lertpitakkit, General Manager of JustCo Thailand, explains three key reasons why co-working gives companies of all sizes the freedom and flexibility to set up shop across the world with ease.

Have an office wherever you go

Choosing a co-working space such as JustCo instantly opens up a world of possibility for businesses looking to expand overseas, with members given access to work across 40 centres in eight different cities. This includes Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne and now Japan, which JustCo is expanding to in 2020. The benefits of this are immeasurable, with the burden of setting up shop in a foreign country instantly alleviated. Companies have the option to jump between centres around the globe, taking comfort in the knowledge that they have a stable, standardised office space ready for them wherever they land.

Access an instant community overseas

The importance of making new connections in a foreign market is absolutely paramount for companies looking to establish their presence overseas. This can often be a huge barrier for businesses, who face the challenge of being isolated in a new country with few professional connections. However, one of the greatest benefits of co-working spaces is that they provide an instant community for all new members that join. Companies who join JustCo unlock access to a diverse community of more than 25,000 unique members across the globe, with whom they can explore business opportunities and network with. They also have access to regular professional and lifestyle events specially curated by JustCo, which can make the transition to a new culture smoother and more successful.

Say goodbye to workplace management

Finally, businesses who choose JustCo can forget about the stress of running a workplace and instead focus on settling into a new country with all the resources they need in the palm of their hand. This allows companies to properly dedicate their energy to their business expansion instead, enjoying cost savings as they tap into economies of scale and free up their capital for investment in other areas. JustCo’s flexible model also means that businesses have the freedom to scale their workspace up or down as required, supporting them as they grow in a new country. A range of short-term lease options adds to this flexibility, by taking the pressure off companies working to establish themselves in a new market.