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5 Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2023

16 April, 2024
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The ability to change and adapt is part of evolution, yet we often prefer what’s familiar. To be more productive, start by changing your habits. The right productivity hack depends on one’s strengths, interests, work style, preferences, experiences, and traits. Some people accomplish more than others, but it’s not magic. It’s a commitment to proven methods and the best, personalised productivity techniques. If you already have performance-boosting techniques, that’s great for you!

Otherwise, you may want to consider these hacks to improve your daily productivity:

1. Take More Frequent but Short Breaks

It’s important to strike a balance between socialising with colleagues, having alone time, and grinding hard at work. Hence, we recommend you to take regular breaks – a short stroll around the building, taking in the greenery outdoors, or clocking in a power nap, can provide relief from daily routines and help to refocus and boost productivity. These small but frequent breaks can make a big difference.

2. Reduce Small Distractions When You’re Not Taking a Break

Identify what distracts you, such as instant messages, noise, or visual distractions and find ways to avoid or minimise them. For instance, if it’s the spamming of notifications on your phone then perhaps you can turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on your mobile devices for a few hours. If you’re distracted by the noise in your surrounding, you can opt to use headphones, or even book a private meeting room within your workspace to focus and get some work done.

3. It’s Alright to Say “No” Sometimes

It may seem counterintuitive, but saying “no” can actually improve your productivity, especially since you’ll be opening up doors to a host of other things on your list that could be your priority.  This allows you to focus on the more important tasks and improve your overall productivity for the workday. 


By saying “no”, you’re also minimising the risks of working overtime to complete these additional tasks. In turn, having balanced work-life leads to better performance. As such, always consider your bandwidth when assigned a new project or task request.

4. Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

Productivity can never happen without a system in place. This doesn’t mean you have to use a string of high-tech apps, trackers, or planners. Instead, all you need is a consistent way to organise your work so you can achieve the goals that matter to you.

One way is to create a daily to-do-list. This list should include all tasks for the day, their priority order, and the estimated time for completion. By having a clear list, you can stay on track, avoid distractions and waste time.


Pro tip: share your productivity goals with others to boost your chances of achieving them. This can be formal, such as informing your supervisor or coworkers about your plans for the week. If you’re working from home, you can always discuss your current tasks on hand with a loved one to let them know when you can’t be disturbed. Externalising your tasks and objectives helps effectively manage your to-do list and stay productive.

5. Renewed Focus on Sustainability

In recent years, more companies have begun citing sustainability as a critical focus for their businesses. While the specifics of how companies approach and prioritise environmental issues vary depending on their industry and company size, other factors, such as shareholder demand, also contribute to greener business practices. 


For many businesses, embracing new sustainability efforts also requires investing in employee upskilling and choosing office spaces to help them on their sustainability journey. For instance, choosing a coworking space like JustCo not only helps to offset your carbon emissions, but they are also dedicated to creating the best workplace environment. 

As the world of work continues to evolve in 2023, it’s difficult to accurately predict how the changing economic and business trends might impact workspace priorities. However, one thing that remains clear is: the pandemic, amongst other factors, has spurred workforce transformation at a rapid pace. Thus, employers need to keep up with employee upskilling. Learn more about the benefits of working with Justco Taiwan and how our virtual office and coworking spaces can help you keep up with the business trends of 2023.

5. Take Time to Slow Down

Focus on quality over quantity. According to research, slowing down allows you to focus better. This in turn, makes the time you spend on meetings and tasks more productive and efficient. Productivity is not just about getting results. It’s about getting the best results that you can, and it’s impossible to achieve that when you’re always in a hurry. Hence, consider what you need to do a great job, not just a quick one.

JustCo Taiwan’s Flexible Workspaces Improves Productivity

We understand that comfort plays a significant role in promoting productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic furniture, such as chairs and desks, should be a priority for creating a comfortable and positive work environment. Incorporating different colours can also positively impact your employees. For instance, blue and green promote focus and balance, whereas yellow fosters creativity. A flexible layout, including both open spaces and designated private areas, can also enhance productivity by allowing employees to move around. 


In addition to an ergonomic design to improve productivity, JustCo Taiwan also provides a range of membership plans for our premium flexible workspaces, shared offices, and meeting rooms – all of which are located in the city’s key business district. 


Get in touch with us today to find the perfect flexible workspace arrangement for you and your team in Taiwan so that you can stay productive and achieve your goals.

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