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How JustCo caters to different work modes with collaborative office spaces

10 January, 2024
Collaborative Office Spaces

In an era where the workspace is not just a physical location but an extension of a company’s identity and culture, JustCo Singapore has meticulously designed many collaborative workspaces to cater to the diverse needs of modern professionals.


From hot desks fostering dynamic collaborations to private offices ensuring focus and productivity, every space tells a story of innovation and adaptability.


Hot Desks for the Flexible Professional

Hot desking at JustCo Singapore is the ultimate solution for professionals who value flexibility and spontaneity. With the freedom to choose a new workspace daily, hot desking facilitates dynamic networking opportunities and exposes professionals to a diverse environment, sparking innovation and collaborations.

JustCo Singapore offers two hot desk membership plans. JustDesk Unlimited is an ideal choice for professionals looking for maximum flexibility. This plan provides unlimited monthly access to any available desk in all JustCo centres.

Meanwhile, JustDesk Dedicated is suited for individuals who prefer having a fixed workspace. Users have their reserved desks and lockable storage in their chosen JustCo centre.

What’s more, every hot desk is equipped with all the necessary amenities like high-speed internet, printing facilities, mail handling services, onsite IT support and a premium business address, ensuring that adaptability does not come at the cost of convenience or comfort.

Check out six fun JustCo centres you can work from with your hot desk membership.

Put these coworking locations on your bucketlist of places to work at in 2024!

Private Office Spaces for Dynamic Teams

Adaptable private office spaces at JustCo Singapore are designed to flexibly accommodate the unique requirements and work styles of diverse teams, ranging from start-ups to established enterprises.

Unlike conventional office leases that impose long-term commitments and high rents, JustCo Singapore’s private office membership plan – JustStudio – gives businesses access to a secure, dedicated office space with premium furniture to enhance comfort and productivity.

The layout is meticulously curated to ensure that teams can work with utmost focus and efficiency, while also having the opportunity to make the space their own.

Customisable interiors allow businesses to further infuse their brand identity into the workspace, creating a sense of ownership and belonging.

And when you need to make room for big teams, larger private offices with their own amenities are also available. JustCo Singapore offers Enterprise Office membership plans that not only accommodate more people, they also cater to a much greater extent of customisation and privacy.

Meeting Rooms for Focussed Sessions

Looking for a temporary private workspace for discussions and collaborations? JustCo Singapore also offers meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Each one facilitates discussions, fosters collaborations, and ensures that ideas transition from conception to implementation with ease.

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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