3 ways coworking spaces can differentiate themselves

The global coworking industry is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, in just five years, the number of coworking spaces worldwide has grown from 8,900 spaces in 2015 to 26,300 spaces in 2020.

The future of work will see more people being open to coworking spaces. And, it’s not just the self-employed or freelancers anymore. Employers, too, see the value of providing access to shared office spaces to their employees, because of how much flexibility these spaces offer, and how they allow for networking and greater productivity.

But with the advent of more coworking spaces to cater to this rising demand, it’s also become more challenging for coworking spaces to differentiate themselves from other spaces. What makes a coworking space more than just a conducive space to work?

1. Access to community

A key feature of what makes a coworking space stand out among others in the coworking market is its community, but more importantly, the access to that community. It wouldn’t mean much if a coworking space attracts a dynamic, vibrant mix of professionals, but doesn’t provide any chances for these individuals to intermingle and network.

A coworking space that has connecting at its core can help it stand out from other spaces. At JustCo Taiwan, the shared office spaces and events are designed with the idea of making work better by working together. There are common chillout spaces, pantry areas and collaborative spaces for you to interact with other members.

Coworking spaces should also aim to have a good mix of community events, such as corporate workshops, speaker panels and personal health and fitness. Not only do these events provide members with an avenue for personal enrichment and wellness, but also provide a platform for engagement between members outside of their working hours.

2. Variety of services offered

Besides the promise of a vibrant, diverse community, what differentiates a good coworking space is the variety of services offered to members. This goes beyond just physical infrastructure of comfortable desks, private spaces and phone booths, and well-equipped meeting rooms.

JustCo Taiwan understands that beyond just requiring a space to work, members may also require functions such as mail handling services, printing facilities, and cleaning service, and these come together with a membership.

With remote work being the future of work and paving the way for more flexible staggered schedules, JustCo’s 24/7 access also means that you’ll have access to your home centre anytime you want to get work done. If you have a JustDesk Unlimited, JustDesk Dedicated, or JustStudio membership, you can also access any other JustCo centres, that might be more convenient for you, within business hours.

3. Innovative work space

Finally, with more individuals gravitating towards coworking spaces for greater productivity and networking, coworking spaces need to provide innovative solutions for members to thrive.

Aside from ensuring that members have access to their communities, a bustling community event calendar, and great facilities, a coworking space should ensure that its environment is optimised for innovation.

JustCo Taiwan’s workspaces are vibrant, stylish, green, and well-equipped with ergonomic furniture ensuring that you’ll be inspired wherever you work. Besides its panoramic cityscape views, JustCo Minsheng Jianguo even has artistic wall murals around the office.

For those looking to be inspired or to learn from fellow members within the space, JustCo Taiwan’s JustCo Lab is an ecosystem for its start-up community to connect with enterprise members to solve business problems. This provides start-ups with a nurturing and robust environment to innovate and develop

Solutions for a future-ready workforce

With more individuals and companies recognising that coworking spaces are a viable and productive space for them to not just work but thrive, the coworking market will only continue to grow. As more coworking spaces pop up, the coworking industry will need to find ways to differentiate themselves from others through innovative solutions, in order to draw and cultivate a vibrant community within their spaces.

JustCo Taiwan is constantly innovating to provide resources and solutions for the ever-changing, future-ready workforce. Enquire about the exclusive promotions available for a conducive and productive coworking environment with us!