5 surprising perks of hot-desking

Sheree McIntyre, Vice President and Head of JustCo Australia, highlights some of her favourite hot-desking perks and sheds light on the upside for businesses.

  1. People talk to each other

Co-working spaces can be really social environments as well as spaces to discover new business opportunities. But you can also have peace and quiet if you want it, with phone booths and free private breakout areas away from the hive of activity.

You can also bid adieu to the dark ages of awkward networking breakfasts. The JustCo App has a “Just Connect” function that allows members to browse profiles of potential partners, strike up conversations on the app to discuss ideas, and establish new business collaborations within JustCo’s community across Asia Pacific.

That’s a global index of contacts you’re getting without having to make small talk over the breakfast buffet or wait for tradeshows to meet.

  1. The views are dreamy

Enormously high rent does not always equal great views, but at a coworking space, some of the best views in the world are available to you without the big price tag. For example, Level 19 of JustCo at William St overlooks the Yarra and Melbourne city skyline (better than the view from the home garage or study!).


A killer view of the Yarra and Melbourne city skyline from JustCo’s newly opened workspace at William St

  1. It’s good for your posture and your business

Hot desking spaces offer the benefit of not having to sit in the same tired seat day after day. Investments in ergonomic furniture by co-working companies pay off – and you can save on your physio bills! The inspiring art and décor are also great to absorb while you stretch your legs.

  1. Hot-desking isn’t a ‘singles-only’ activity

 Plenty of large and small companies are opting to hot desk rather than face paying increasing rent for a traditional cramped and isolated space. Being around a group of other talented and diverse individuals can mean curtailing the dreaded stagnation that can affect a small group in a lonely office.

Many people who can work from home opt for a hot desk instead in order to escape the distractions of the home, work from a more professional environment, meet new people, and to simply encourage creativity.

  1. It saves your business a ton of hassle

Contrary to popular belief, going down the hot-desk route isn’t only about cost savings. Time is money, and getting on board a co-working space will save you both. A co-working space such as JustCo takes the hassle out of every day office operations, allowing companies to really focus on their business objectives. From IT support to electricity and a reception to greet your guests – we’ve got you covered.

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Sheree McIntyre is currently the Head of JustCo’s Australian division. Backed by Frasers and GIC, Singaporean-born JustCo is Asia Pacific’s leading co-workspace provider. Under Sheree’s leadership, JustCo is on a fast trajectory of growth in Australia, with five current locations and a goal to open five more Australian office spaces by Q2 2020. Sheree understands the importance of building offices with quality materials and close attention to detail, and believes firmly in JustCo’s sustainable business model and refusal to cut corners.