6 Tips To Choose The Right Coworking Space In Taipei

Are you considering coworking in Taipei? There are plenty of great spaces to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for your business? These six tips will help you pick the perfect coworking space for your needs. With these tips, you should be set to go when searching for your new coworking space, both in Taiwan and abroad!

1. Evaluate your needs

The first thing you’ll need to do when finding a suitable coworking facility is to identify what you would benefit from to be productive. Is your work largely self-managed, or do you require interaction with many colleagues and team members? Are you more likely to meet with clients and business partners or connect with them over video calls and email? Spending some time brainstorming your business needs will help you understand which facilities are right for you.

2. Consider your budget 

One of the most decisive factors when it comes to coworking spaces is your budget. Rent as well as other associated costs like utilities and internet cost money. Suppose you’re a solopreneur or startup with a limited budget. In that case, you might decide to take on a stripped-back membership plan, with only the essential features. This might be a plan such as JustCo Taiwan’s Desk, which provides access to a shared hot desk on set days per month. A larger corporation might choose to have more services through comprehensive plans such as JustDesk Studio or Enterprise Suite.

3. Location

The accessibility of your coworking space mattersCoworking spaces in the central business district of a town or city will be far more accessible via public transport than those located further afield. However, they will also be busier, more crowded, and less friendly when finding a carpark. Consider where your staff live, how many times they’ll need to come into the space, and what opportunities you want them to have geographical access to.

4. Size of the space 

Keep in mind how much space you will need when coworking. Do you have a large team or a few employees? These considerations will guide you on the type of office you need, whether it’s a room for several people or simply a desk for yourself. Most spaces will offer distinct coworking plans to meet your requirements, ranging from starter, small-team options like Desk to comprehensive, large-team options like Enterprise Suite.

5. Amenities offered by the coworking space 

You’ll most likely be at your coworking space for a significant proportion of your time during working days. As such, it’s important to consider whether the area has a proper pantry, bathroom facilities, and lounge area for the time you spend during lunch breaks or casual work meetings. Other features, like designated meeting rooms, can also be incredibly useful.

6. Reviews from others who have worked at that particular coworking space

Writing reviews in this day and age is easy. As such, your coworking space will likely have plenty of testimonials from other individuals who have worked there. Spend time researching what others have to say about the space, including its benefits and drawbacks, and whether they would recommend it to others.

Let JustCo Taiwan Help You 

Finding the right coworking space can be challenging. Fortunately, JustCo Taiwan provides some of the best coworking facilities across the island, with locations in Taipei and Hsinchu. With access to hot desks, private and shared office spaces, meeting rooms and event spaces, along with amenities like internet, mail handling, printing, pantry, break-out spaces and recreational facilities, you’ll be able to dedicate ultimate focus and flexibility to your work.