A varied community of likeminded individuals and business to collaborate with

We’re very proud of our members at JustCo. Their passion, hard work and creative ideas are the lifeblood of our community and make JustCo a vibrant, exciting and fun place to work.

Why face the tough challenges of growing your business on your own when you can connect, share and learn from likeminded and talented people who can help give you feedback, guidance and support. This is the beauty of the JustCommunity and we’re pleased to have so many incredible members working on a range of fascinating projects.

We spoke to some of members recently to find out more about their business ideas, their plans and what makes them tick and discovered some amazing business concepts, products and services that we think you’ll be interested in.


Matthias Berger is co-founder and COO of FairMedOnline, a global digital health platform that gives customers an independent, transparent and easy-to-access expert second opinion from the comfort of their own home.

Matthias explains the importance of getting a second opinion: “A second opinion may tell you an alternative solution for serious issues that require expensive treatment, including things like obesity, diabetes, fertility, aesthetics and dental.

There is a lot of overtreatment in hospitals. Doctors are increasingly under economic pressure for the funding of investments in their areas. In more than 50% of the cases, our doctors offered alternatives to surgeries recommended by the primary doctor.”

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StashAway co-founder & CEO Michele Ferrario realized that the wealth management options available for everyday hard-working professionals are either too exclusive or not that attractive, and that many people are paying a high price for bad advice.

So in true entrepreneurial style, he decided to leave his position as CEO of Zalora to create a solution that would not only solve his own problem but also that of many people in similar situations.

StashAway’s proposal is very simple: Empower you to manage your wealth in a simple, cost-effective, and intelligent way, and to always provide transparency, low fees, and accessible, expert advice.

Read the full article “StashAway – empowering everyday people to manage their wealth in a simple, cost-effective, and intelligent way” here.


Vibhanshu Bahuguna is the Regional Manager, APAC of TradAir and the first ever member to take up a JustCo dedicated desk back in September 2015.

TradAir are a global provider of trading technology solutions for banks, brokers, ECNs and regulated marketplaces, and pioneers in the adoption of Cloud, Web, HTML5 and BigData analytics to build highly optimized low-latency trading technology solutions.

Their solutions provides banks and brokers with ‘future-proof’ trading technology solutions, ensuring they have the ‘technical business agility’ needed to rapidly adapt their business in response to changing client needs, continuing fragmentation of liquidity, and the increasingly uncertain and evolving regulatory landscape.

Read the full article “TradAir: Relishing the First Mover Advantage” here. 


In the spirit of our JustCommunity, we aim to foster a conducive and productive space for our members to innovate, create and inspire. Our goal is to enable businesses to start quickly and expand easily. Vibhanshu, Michele and Matthias told us how JustCo has helped them on their journey…

Vibhanshu from TradAir has found that the JustCo coworking environment is conducive for meeting other businesses and has made good connections with his neighbors who are a tech start up and even helped to connect them to a partner.

Being able to upsize is vital for Michele at StashAway, and JustCo’s flexibility and scale have enabled Michele and his team to do that quickly and efficiently. But growth is not without its challenges…

“Our biggest success so far has been to attract the right people. Moving people from the seemingly safe world of finance to a start up is not easy. Bringing candidates to the JustCo space helps convince top talent to join, as the space and atmosphere makes for a very attractive environment.”

Matthias from FairMedOnline also says that finding qualified people is always a challenge and the JustCo coworking environment aids in the process: “Guests are always impressed and happy when they come to JustCo, which helps when trying to get new talent. This is very important as we’re expanding the team further soon.”

Getting this feedback and being part of the development of new and exciting businesses is what we enjoy most about our workspaces. We are always excited to have fresh new individuals or organizations join our ever-growing community and hope to feature them here soon too!