Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Freelancers In Taiwan

As a result of the pandemic, remote work is here to stay. While we love the freedom of not having to be cooped up in a cubicle of a corporate office, there’s no denying the perks that come with having a dedicated workspace. Whether you are working remotely or freelancing, you still need equipment, privacy, and other resources you cannot get at home or in the corner of a cafe.

But, coworking spaces help fill in these gaps.

Here’s everything you need to know about coworking spaces and their advantages for many freelancers in Taipei and worldwide.

Increased Levels Of Productivity

Coworking spaces usually combine different work environments to accommodate various work styles. Designed for productivity, coworking spaces provide more structure than a typical work-from-home setup. This is particularly beneficial and true for freelancers who work from home – it is easy to become distracted when we are at home. For instance, children may need attention, the house has to be cleaned or kept, or meals have to be prepared. Renting a desk or business area from a coworking space in Taipei would increase your focus if you choose to work outside the home but still in a professional environment.

Increased Creativity 

Another major advantage of working in a coworking space for freelancers is that they can provide bursts of innovation since you can collaborate with others and be exposed to new ideas. Stepping out from the comforts of home and going to a new office space might help you refresh your mind and come up with new solutions or ideas to help move your freelance project along.

Coworking spaces naturally attract freelancers, hence you are sure to find like-minded people who can relate to the ups and downs of your career. In other words, coworking spaces build a community of freelancers that can uplift and motivate you without forced socialisation.

Better Working Flexibility

No matter your profession, a great benefit of coworking spaces is that they allow you to pay only for the space that you use. Furthermore, flexible agreements and membership plans will enable you to scale your business at your own pace without the rigidity of long-term contracts.

It is all about being adaptable when it comes to coworking. Simply book any desk you want and work whenever you want, without having to answer anyone.

Build Your Skills And Client Base

Coworking spaces can help your professional development. For instance, certain host programmes and events within the coworking space teach new skills in your field and can connect you with industry professionals. From there, you get the opportunity to meet future clients or even get tips to expand your business.

All coworking spaces are different, but most of them, like JustCo Taiwan, offer a wide range of amenities. Hence, if you are a freelancer, you will most likely find everything you need to complete your jobs. But with that being said, coworking spaces are not just all work and no play. Like many modern office buildings, you can also find areas for wellness and relaxation within the coworking space.

The Types Of Coworking Spaces Available

As you already know, coworking spaces offer a flexible and cost-efficient way to reap the benefits a permanent office space can give. It often comes with desks, meeting rooms, and basic office supplies that businesses, teams, or individuals can rent through membership-tiered plans.

Hence, coworking spaces in Taipei come in different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every kind of worker. Whether you need a desk for your weekly article-writing sessions or a meeting room for conference calls and client-hosting, you will have no trouble finding one that works for you with JustCo Taiwan. In general, you can choose between:

Open Desks 

These spaces stay true to the traditional idea of coworking. Open desks provide freelancers with shared basic amenities, services, and multiple networking opportunities open to workers from different companies and backgrounds.

Private Offices 

These spaces are for slightly larger teams or companies that need a private room or an entire floor. Designed to accommodate 2-20 people, private offices have spaces to store belongings and, most of all, the privacy to collaborate.

Enterprise Suite

Designed to hold more than 20 people, enterprise suites provide businesses with the option to customise their space that aligns with their business ideals. Often geared toward workers in specific industries, you can also request or get access to specialised equipment to drive your business forward.

Designed For Freelancers In Mind

Coworking spaces make it easier for freelancers to compete and excel in their industry. With services, resources, and equipment that you might not have access to at home, coworking spaces also allow you to meet with fellow freelancers who can better advise you and even introduce you to new opportunities.

Designed with freelancers in mind, coworking spaces are also flexible, so you can rest assured knowing that you are not tied to an expensive lease or long-term membership. With four shared offices across Hsinchu and Taipei in Taiwan, JustCo offers you everything you need to complete your gigs.

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