How Coworking Spaces In Taipei Can Help You Expand Your Network

In today’s society, there is nothing more important for businesses than networking. Regardless of the sector you are in and whether you are a part of a giant multinational corporation or a freelancer working from home, putting yourself out there is crucial.

From social media to emails and websites, networking has almost been completely digitised. Living in an era where technology continuously evolves, it has become easier than ever for us to reach anyone in the world. Yet, at the same time, it is extremely isolating and somewhat impersonal.

Furthermore, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to work remotely from home, the isolation has made many more susceptible to emotional, mental, and physical health issues.

So, how do we combat this?

Introducing: Coworking Spaces

Many people see coworking spaces as an outlet that provides a different way of networking compared to traditional offices. While being online is great, connecting through a screen doesn’t compare to meeting people in person. With coworking, however, people tend to be more relaxed and, thus, are able to naturally strike up conversations with others around them as they go about their day. Even though coworking spaces are, without a doubt, filled with hardworking professionals, it has a much less “buttoned-up” environment, so you do not necessarily have to feel like you need to bring your A-game all the time when meeting new people.

Essentially, coworking spaces allow you to double your efficiency because you can work, socialise, and network all within the same space. Imagine meeting someone from a completely new profession over a quick coffee break in the pantry or bumping into someone from an industry you would like to tap into while you are by the printer. The opportunities are endless when you choose to work in a coworking space. Furthermore, coworking spaces often come with many benefits and features that you might not have access to if you decided to work from home or your local cafe.

Can Coworking Spaces Help You to Network? 

Unlike a typical office setting where you are subjected to stress, and competitive environments, a coworking space like JustCo Taiwan prides itself on its clean, open spaces. When you choose JustCo Taiwan’s coworking spaces, you will be met with dozens of experienced, like-minded individuals. While offices can also provide you with networking opportunities, we’d like to think that with a coworking space like ours in Taipei, you are allowed to bask in the instant, easy-going atmosphere. And so, when the competitiveness is removed, individuals will naturally feel more open to sharing ideas, helping each other out, and fostering a genuine interest in the business goals of others.

Tips to Go About Networking in Coworking Spaces

Getting settled into a new space is the first step towards networking. And we understand that it can be rather daunting. Lucky for you, we have some tips to share:

  • Be open and approachable at all times. While meeting new people can be nerve-racking, it definitely gets easier with time and experience. Adopting a friendly and open smile, a kind gesture, or simply making a warm introduction can quickly break the ice!
  • Ensure you move around the premises. Our coworking spaces in Taiwan offer a range of working areas and places to unwind with a cup of robust brew. You can also make connections easily by leveraging these spaces.
  • Be a social butterfly and try to turn up for events! Many coworking spaces like JustCo Taiwan hold events to promote networking inside and outside work – perfect opportunities for you to meet more new people!
  • Networking is a two-way street; always remember to reciprocate the connection. Share your knowledge or nuggets of information with the opposite party to foster a stronger connection.
  • We also recommend you take the initiative to network with newer people or members within your coworking community. Not only does this promote inclusivity, but it also allows you to forge a new connection.

Why Choose JustCo Taiwan to Network in? 

At JustCo Taiwan, we strive to deliver a personal and unique work environment for our members. With four locations across Hsinchu and Taipei, a membership for our coworking spaces unlocks many benefits for you. Think: shared office spaces, fun events, amenities, and great coffee – all to ensure that you are getting everything and more for your membership with us. So, whether you are a big business looking to tap into the freelance talents in Taipei or a budding entrepreneur looking to take those first steps in setting up a company, we will support you in building your business.

So, why not book yourself a tour at one of our branches, and we can discuss your membership options as well as terms?