Renting A Private Office In A Coworking Space

When most individuals think of coworking spaces, they picture noisy, crowded, open-plan environments where there’s no chance of getting any meaningful or focused work done. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Today, coworking spaces offer a suite of some of the most exquisitely designed workspaces you’ll find, with a combination of hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms and event spaces to cater to your needs. You can tailor your membership in coworking facilities like those at JustCo Taiwan to ensure that you have the right plan to suit your business needs. Not only that, you’ll have the opportunity to extend your organisation far beyond what you thought possible, with a range of networking opportunities available at every turn.

1. Get the privacy you need to focus on your work

Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a full-fledged multinational, our workspaces will cater to your unique needs. We offer hot desks, shared office spaces, private office spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces at our coworking facilities. These will allow you to maximise productivity no matter where you go, giving you the flexibility and freedom to get personal work done in peace and quiet. Your team can also come together, brainstorm or socialise in the comfort of your own private office space, promoting greater collaboration amongst colleagues.

2. All shapes and sizes

Coworking spaces, like those at JustCo Taiwan, come with a range of membership plans. These plans provide targeted solutions to your business needs and budget. Solopreneurs and small startups might be interested in a plan like Desk, which offers access to a desk on set days and access to shared amenities like mail handling, internet and pantry. This plan will allow you to use the coworking space when remote working is not an option, for instance when speaking with clients or hosting meetings with your team. Larger organisations with more than 20 staff may opt for the Enterprise Suite, which offers unlimited access to our facilities and private offices for each of your team members.

3. Meet new people and make connections with other professionals

The other benefits of coworking come in the incidental interactions you’ll have with other professionals. You’ll undoubtedly meet someone with a diverse, complementary skill set at JustCo Taiwan, while mingling in the pantry area, using the printer, or fetching the mail. These encounters will offer your business unprecedented opportunities for growth as they will provide a unique space for exchanging ideas and contact details for future collaboration. Put simply, these experiences are far harder to come by through virtual work and traditional office arrangements, where your team is comparatively more isolated from the outside business world.

Explore the world of coworking opportunities with JustCo Taiwan

Take a look at our private office spaces at JustCo Taiwan, such as those available through our JustDesk Studio and Enterprise Suite membership plans. With JustDesk Studio, you’ll gain access to a private, lockable office for a small-sized team, which you can customise to your preferences. Meanwhile, with Enterprise Suite, you’ll gain access to these exclusive features for more than 20 individuals, with the added benefits of being able to customise amenities like the holding areas and pantry. What’s more, your team will have access to services like internet, printing, mail handling, break-out spaces, lockers, recreational facilities and community-organised events, no matter which membership plan you decide upon. With coworking spaces across Taipei and Hsinchu, and over 40 offices globally, there is bound to be something for you at JustCo Taiwan. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business grow further!