The psychological effect of the colour green

And 3 reasons why you need to have it at work

Think of the offices of many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies today and it’s likely that vertical gardens, lush landscaping, and green nooks also come to mind.  

It’s not just trendy design either – from giving the office a more ‘homely’ feel to acting as a natural air filter – plants are more staples than finishing touches of interior design now. In 2017, Apple famously bought out over 3,000 trees for its new Cupertino headquarters in the pursuit of a literal ‘greenest building on the planet’, according to CEO Tim Cook.  

At JustCo, we also believe in the power of green, which is why our open office spaces feature strong greenery to inspire our members. Here are five reasons why being surrounded by the colour green will improve your workday:  


  1. It increases productivity and creativity  

Colour psychology suggests that our moods and emotions are affected by the colours that surround us. For instance, white might invoke feelings of calm, and stillness.  

Green is associated with nature and life, and invokes feelings of tranquillity, energy, and calm. Many studies have shown that bringing plants into the workplace increases productivity by at least 15%, while helping to decrease stress and agitation throughout the day.  


The views from JustCo at Marina One (East and West Towers) offer an awe-inspiring blend of twisted metal and full, lush greenery  

Workers have also reported a better flow of creative and new ideas when surrounded by greenery. In one study by German researchers, people glanced at the colour green for two seconds before doing a creative task, and concluded that it boosted their creative output more than other colours did.  


  1. It attracts the right talent  

If you’re a company looking for creative and spirited talent to inject a breath of fresh air into the team, having a plant-filled office might help you find some. Green, open offices have come to be associated with fun, open-minded work culture, and this in turn will help attract the kind of people you are looking for.  


JustCo at 6 Raffles Quay features a lush green nook for members to enjoy


  1. It improves the well-being of your employees 

Science already dictates that plants can improve air quality at the office, a place where most people spend a large part of their day. Poor quality air often leads to health problems such as headaches, eye fatigue, throat irritation, and asthma. Plants are said to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve general mental health.  

This means an enhanced quality of work life for your employees, and less sick days for the organisation.  


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