Why opening a coworking space in Hsinchu is a nod to the future?

We already know that more and more businesses are moving away from the traditional workspace model that comprises fixed desks, allocated conference rooms, and office hours. Although not completely unprecedented, the accelerated move during the pandemic has compelled many businesses to rethink their strategic operatives and workplace culture.

Not only are employees reaching for a remote work situation, but they are also celebrating the ability to ‘work-from-anywhere’. And, following that, organisations can leverage the advantages of coworking facilities to fully maximise the value of working from anywhere.

JustCo Taiwan’s new opening in Hsinchu is one such example.

1. Leveraging accessibility to work and knowledge 

JustCo Taiwan adds to its network of over 40 locations across 9 cities in Asia by launching a new coworking space in the Grade-A Zhubei building.

With over 400 technology companies, the area is now a ‘thriving innovation and technology ecosystem for business growth, knowledge sharing, and talent recruitment’. Even though employees today are gravitating towards the permanence of a remote work model, there are still several aspects of work-life that offer value. One of them being the access to continual learning, a bank of knowledge, and human interaction.

Fortunately, this aligns with the benefits of coworking spaces like in Hsinchu. The expansive network available at their disposal allows for future opportunities to meet more like-minded professionals and promote deep cross-functional learning.

2. Adapting to workforce decentralisation 

Something we’re hearing more often about is the concept of decentralisation.

Managing remote teams is difficult with growing uncertainty and a loss of control amid the pandemic. From constantly shifting back-to-work plans to tailoring new management plans, various changes are underway as employees continue to work-from-anywhere.

Decentralisation looks poised to be the solution forward for businesses to adapt the new infrastructure without much disruption. The coworking facilities offered by the opening in Hsinchu is a viable opportunity for organisations to tighten costs, increase efficiency and agility.

A coworking space like JustCo’s fulfills the element of remote work while retaining flexibility and productivity.

3. Fulfilling the needs of professionals in the new normal 

Many changes are taking place during the pandemic and this includes the priorities of professionals today. In traditional settings, employers have begun to play with the idea of flexible leave, off-in-lieu, and staggered working hours.

Post-pandemic, we can expect coworking spaces to fill the need of productive, efficient spaces for conducive work, anywhere, anytime. They may need to drop off their kids at school, pick up their groceries, or simply prefer an earlier start to the day.

The dynamic of ‘work-from-anywhere’ isn’t hard to implement with JustCo Taiwan’s new space in Hsinchu. The choice is entirely up to professionals, without compromising on conducive space or networking.

With private and multi-purpose rooms for flexible work styles, community events for social elements, and flexible arrangements, organisations stand to benefit from JustCo Taiwan’s offerings. Do more with less when you choose coworking spaces to mould the future of your organisation’s culture.