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{:zh}請聯絡我們以便安排參訪。{:}{:en}Contact us to
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Our JustCo Story

“At JustCo, we believe that work is more fun and better together!  That’s why we encourage our members to connect with one another, share ideas, express their passion and forge collaborations. Be it in the chillout spaces, pantry area or at our regular events, opportunities abound for members to strike conversations, network and explore business possibilities together. My 100-strong community team associates are passionate about our members’ growth and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. They are always looking for ways to further enhance our ergonomically-friendly workspace and introduce different amenities to benefit our community. We further support our members by providing them platforms to help them increase their brand awareness, showcase their products and services and connect them with other members to explore ideas and vibe off each other. We cherish our members. Their success is our success.”

Lu Liu

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


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Community Stories

Our coworking spaces are designed to promote creativity, the creation of a community, and the sharing of ideas. JustCo gives its entrepreneurial-spirited members the freedom to thrive in a collaborative working environment, where start-ups, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes can work, collaborate, share ideas and succeed together under one roof, in a shared environment. Hear some of our members stories describing how they’ve used the JustCo community to start and grow their business.

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3 ways coworking spaces can differentiate themselves

{:zh} 全球的共享辦公產業正在崛起,且無放緩的跡象。根據Statista的數據,全球共同辦公空間的數量從2015年至2020年這短短的五年內,從8900個空間增加到26300個空間。 在未來,人們將會更接受共同工作空間的使用,這不僅僅關係到自由職業者,雇主也漸漸瞭解,這類空間不僅使用靈活,更可促進人際關係和提高生產力。 然而,隨著需求的增加和更多共同工作空間的出現,想在市場上脫穎而出便成了一件很艱難的事。究竟要如何才能證明一個共同工作空間的與眾不同之處呢? 1. 融入社群的良機 一個共同辦公空間是否能在市場上脫穎而出的關鍵在於社群,以及是否能給予專業人士融入社群的機會。如果一個共享辦公空間只能吸引專業人士,卻沒辦法給這些個體提供任何交流的機會,那麼這類空間就失去了它的意義。 一個以交流為核心的共同辦公空間可讓它在市場上脫穎而出。在JustCo台灣,我們相信協作會使工作變得更好。於是,我們以這個理念,設計出共同辦公空間和各類活動。比如說,這裡有共用的休息空間、茶水間和協作空間,供您與其他會員進行互動。 共享辦公空間應力求有一系列的社群活動,如企業研討會、小組討論,以及個人健康和健身類型的活動。這些活動不僅可以讓會員的人生更充實、健康,更可以讓會員在業餘時間,與其他會員交流。 2. 多元化服務 一個與眾不同的共同辦公空間除了擁有一個充滿活力又多元化的社群以外,更給會員提供一系列多元化的服務。這不僅限於舒適的辦公桌、私人空間、電話亭和設備齊全的會議室等有形基礎設施。 JustCo台灣瞭解到,會員除了需要一個工作空間外,還可能需要其他設施服務,如郵件處理、打印設施和清潔服務,而這些都是會員可以享有的。 隨著遠距工作漸漸成為未來工作的走向,並為靈活的工作時間做了更好的安排,JustCo的24/7使用意味著,您可以隨時到我們的辦公空間,完成您的工作。如果您擁有, JustDesk Dedicated, 或 JustStudio的會員資格,就可以在辦公時間,使用任何一間離你最近的JustCo中心。 3. 創新的工作空間 最後,隨著越來越多人因為想促進生產力和人際關係而傾向使用共享辦公空間,這類空間需要為會員提供創新的解決方案,讓他們充分發揮潛力。 除了確保會員能與社群交流、舉辦一系列社群活動和優良的設備以外,更需要針對創新,為共同辦公空間進行優化。 JustCo台灣的工作空間時尚、充滿活力、環保,並配備了符合人體工學的設備,確保您無論是在什麼地方工作,都能得到靈感。除了城市景觀的全景,的辦公室內更有藝術壁畫,供您欣賞。 對於希望得到啟發或想向其他會員學習的人來說,JustCo台灣是一個能讓新創企業與企業聯繫的生態系統,有助於解決商業上遇到的問題。這為新創企業提供了一個能夠不斷進步、創新和發展的優良環境。 針對未來辦公的解決方案 越來越多人和企業認識到,共同辦公空間不僅是一個能工作的地方,更是可以發揮潛力的空間。因此,共同辦公空間的市場只會繼續增長。隨著越來越多的共享辦公空間的出現,共享辦公產業必須透過創新的解決方案脫穎而出,吸引和培養一個充滿活力的社群。 JustCo台灣針對不斷變化的未來工作型態不斷創新,提供資源與解決方案。若想擁有有利於工作、富有成效的共享工作環境,請諮詢我們的。 {:}{:en} The global coworking industry is on the rise and shows no signs [...]

How coworking spaces benefit multinational companies

Coworking spaces growing exponentially globally is a known fact, with numbers reaching 116% by 2024. Plus, the number of professionals adopting a hybrid or fully remote work model is only increasing as 82% of company leaders surveyed by Gartner plan […]

Members Perks

In addition to being part of a vibrant and diverse community, JustCo members  are automatically entitled to a host of exclusive privileges with brands we collaborate with. We aggregate demand and group-hunt to get special deals on behalf of our members. We negotiate with our trusted partners and professional service providers to bring perks and benefits to support your business and personal needs.

JustCo App

A work enabler, the JustCo App is the gateway for JustCo members to access the community at the touch of their fingertips, wherever they are in the world, anytime, anywhere. Members can book meeting rooms, sign up for events, check out exclusive perks and deals, manage bills, connect with fellow members in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai, Seoul, Melbourne, Sydney, etc, and much more!

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JustCo Lab

The JustCo Lab provides an ecosystem for our startup community to connect with our enterprise members to help them solve business problems. Our JustCo Lab empowers the next generation of innovators and disruptors by nurturing and developing young and promising local startups. As well as providing our young entrepreneurs with a suite of business benefits, the Lab also hosts a series of hackathons and masterclasses to educate and provide more exposure for them.


Our calendar of events are specially designed to help you keep your personal and professional lives enriched, aligned and balanced. Events are organised regularly at all our centres and are curated to engage, interest and thought-provoke.


With subjects ranging from business to personal and lifestyle topics, workshops to social networking, there is always something interesting going on.


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