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Advantages Of Coworking Spaces On Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we work. Working from home, once an arrangement by only a few firms, has increasingly become commonplace or even expected. This has brought with it a welcome relief for many staff, who are finding themselves with far better mental health since being able to manage their time from a place of comfort. However, most Taiwanese employers prefer to have their staff back in the office, according to a recent poll conducted by 104 Job Bank and published by the Taipei Times. To reconcile these contradictory impulses, coworking spaces, like those provided by JustCo Taiwan, serve as an ideal middle ground, catering to employees’ mental health and employers’ workplace demands.

What are coworking spaces? 

Coworking spaces are shared work environments that provide a physical space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or any individuals who need a dedicated space to do their work. They usually come with amenities like Wi-Fi, desks, conference rooms, and event spaces. Traditional workplace culture makes it easier for employers to manage their staff, leaving staff feeling run-down and exhausted. Remote work, by contrast, allows the team to manage their own time. Still, it is harder for employers to provide oversight or ensure workplace cohesion. In contrast, coworking spaces are designated facilities that your organisation can rent on flexible leases. They can help bring your staff together while respecting their time and freedom throughout the week. These spaces provide many advantages that traditional workplaces and remote working cannot.

Positive Effects of Coworking On Mental Health 

Coworking has many exceptional benefits for an organisation’s collective mental health. These include higher productivity, more creativity, and lower stress levels across the board.

1. Higher productivity

Coworking spaces are cost-effective, flexible solutions that offer your organisation state-of-the-art workplace solutions. JustCo Taiwan, for instance, possesses some of the best coworking facilities across Taipei and Hsinchu, meaning you’ll be able to attract and retain the best talents on offer. Working in such an elegant, time-efficient and financially viable space will undoubtedly boost your team’s productivity and generate greater output in the long run.

2. Better creativity

Coworking spaces grant you access to people from industries and disciplines distinct from your own. Lunchtime discussions in the pantry can serve as exceptional networking opportunities and improve the idea flow across your organisation. As the largest coworking space operator in Taiwan, JustCo will introduce you to some of the best professionals nation-wide and provide access to 40 centres and 100,000 members globally. The incidental meetings, events, and conferences that this network offers could be a game-changer for your business.

3. Lower stress levels

Working from a coworking space on set days throughout the week dramatically reduces the stress levels of company employees. Not having to commute to work each day or spend up to 10 hours away from home gives staff far more energy, which they can use for activities like family time, housework and, of course, their work. This leads to happier, healthier staff and a significantly improved workplace culture in which your team can thrive.

Make the switch to coworking spaces with JustCo Taiwan

With a range of hot desks, shared office spacesmeeting rooms, and event spaces to be used at your leisure, your team will be kitted out with everything they need for business success. Quickly gain access to services such as internet, mail handling, printing, pantry, break-out spaces, locker rooms, and recreational facilities. You can also tailor your membership with JustCo to suit your organisation’s needs from entry-level offerings like Desk to comprehensive solutions like Standard Office and Enterprise Suite. Get in touch with a team member from JustCo Taiwan, and kickstart your organisation’s mental health and productivity revolution today!