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How coworking spaces benefit multinational companies

Coworking spaces growing exponentially globally is a known fact, with numbers reaching 116% by 2024. Plus, the number of professionals adopting a hybrid or fully remote work model is only increasing as 82% of company leaders surveyed by Gartner plan on permitting this way of working post-pandemic. As more shift to remote work, the demand for flexible work environments, like ones offered by coworking leaders such as JustCo Taiwan, fill this need. Although coworking spaces used to be much more popular among freelancers and start-ups, they offer a host of advantages far more enticing than the conventional office. The new normal dictates a way of work that is more flexible, purpose-driven, and activity-incentivised. Because the numbers of remote and hybrid workers – regardless of the size of company they work in – aren’t dwindling any time soon, multinational companies stand to benefit from the perks afforded by coworking companies while cutting down on lease costs. There is no better time than now.

All the benefits, minus the lease costs

The future of work is one that is employee-focused. Having 24/7 access to amenities, networking events, learning opportunities, and high-tech personalised workspaces are part of the appeal for professionals across the board today. And, that’s exactly what JustCo Taiwan provides.

1. Cost-efficient model

All companies work towards finding cost-efficient models wherever possible. In a time where remote work seems to be gaining traction, coworking spaces are a clearcut solution for multinational companies. Coworking spaces offer membership agreements and space solutions – be it a desk or a private office – on shorter contract lengths. This allows larger corporations greater flexibility in scaling up or down as they deem fit, paying only for what they use at any given time. Plus, with a dropped headcount of professionals being in office every other day, it keeps the numbers low.

2. Higher productivity

Another perk of leasing coworking spaces is in its unique design. From hot-desking to bespoke private office spaces, JustCo Taiwan’s dynamic space settings are engineered to suit your needs, on any given day. Require a quiet space for focused work? The hot-desk is perfect. Need an open meeting space for unbridled creativity and collaboration? The flexible office spaces give teams just what they need. Architecturally designed to match the varying needs of professionals, flexible work environments like these generate higher productivity. Professionals can also truly dedicate their focus and time to their work, taking away the need to manage mundane administrative tasks such as keeping pantry supplies stocked, resolving IT issues, or other office-related tasks. Likewise, the community of professionals who work there inspire.

3. More opportunities for engagement

Along with lower lease costs, employees from multinational companies get the added benefit of networking and learning from other professionals who work in the coworking space. The pandemic has upended plans for corporate team events, compelling many to work remotely with little chance to interact with others. Having a coworking space open will encourage and satisfy the need for employees from multinational companies to network with other like-minded individuals during common events. Beyond just learning, networking is key to keeping connected and up-to-date on market trends and movement. And, JustCo Taiwan’s community perks do just that.

Dynamic work environment for all

JustCo Taiwan is at the forefront of evolving workspace needs. The future of work is one that’s flexible, highly accessible, and purpose-driven. By integrating flexible work environments, multinational companies can offer employees with added advantages through community events, focused and innovative spaces, and opportunity to work flexibly. By offering Enterprise solutions that are custom-designed for companies of all sizes, JustCo Taiwan ticks all the boxes. Multinational companies looking to shift to coworking spaces will largely benefit and gain from the avenue offered by these Enterprise office solutions. By taking the guesswork out of the space and design, employees can focus on doing what they do best.