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Community Stories

Together through difficult times: Young inspiring entrepreneurs share tips on staying resilient in times of crisis

(Clockwise from top-left): Laura Dawson from JustCo Australia, Han Jin, Co-founder of Lucid, Eileen Kamtawijoyo, COO and Co-founder of Populix, Will Fan, Co-founder and CEO of NewCampus, Pahrada Sapprasert, Director of 500 TukTuks.

It’s tough being an entrepreneur, and perhaps – even tougher at the time of a global economic crisis. Over the recent few months, many entrepreneurs, start-ups and large businesses have been battling challenges while looking to pivot and reposition themselves amid the COVID-19 situation. The entrepreneurial journey can be a difficult path to walk alone, so opportunities where entrepreneurs can come together to share their challenges, seek advice, and even share learnings with others, would make them feel less lonely in your business battles  

How does one cope when faced with barriers and obstacles in today’s ever-changing business landscape? At JustCo’s Regional Signature Event, In Conversation with Inspiring Entrepreneurs, We spoke with four young entrepreneurs and game-changers from the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list of entrepreneurs. As members and partners of JustCo, they exchanged stories on their entrepreneurial journey, real life case studies on how to mitigate through crisis, their approach to innovation and more.  


Every challenge presents us with a new opportunity  

Crises don’t last forever. It is temporary and also a test of an entrepreneur’s resilience and ‘never give up’ spirit. For an entrepreneur, any disaster or challenge presents an opportunity for change and renewal an opportune moment to not only redirect and point businesses to a solution.  

When asked whether is COVID-19 hindering or helping innovation? Will, Co-founder and CEO of NewCampus, is quick to respond, “You need moments like this to really trigger transformation. This pandemic has pushed us to look into new areas that are currently untapped, areas that we can arbitrage.” 


Innovation begins with small steps 

Today, businesses are aware that innovation is the only way for them to grow and move forward. But what exactly is innovation?  

“In a start-up, if you don’t innovate on a daily basis, you die. If you’re not doing something different on a daily basis, then you’re not innovating and not bringing the company forward. This is what start-ups need to survive,’ highlights Han Jin, Co-founder of Lucid. 

Innovation doesn’t have to be big changes. It begins when someone sees an opportunity and reacts to it. Most importantly, it has to have a massive impact on the world of sensors and the internet of things. The difficulty lies in failing to recognise them and embarking on the very first step.  

To identify innovation opportunities, we need to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes – that’s an entrepreneur mindset. By constantly innovating, we are improving, growing and moving forward,” says Eileen, COO & Co-founder of Populix 


Fall down seven times, get up eight 

Being a successful entrepreneur does not happen overnight; it takes a lot of time, perseverance and a resilient mindset. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. Surround yourself with good advice, mentors, friends, family who can help you push through these tough times, says Will, Co-founder and CEO of NewCampus 

It is important to mitigate loneliness by developing camaraderie and a sense of belonging in  your team – it makes this journey a lot more fulfilling as everyone is working towards the same goal and direction.  

Believe in yourself. Keep learning and put your mind to it! For me, it is very rewarding to see new start-ups and entrepreneurs succeed – this is definitely something that keeps me going!” says Pahrada Sapprasert, Director of 500 TukTuks 

Last but not least, never be afraid to fail. True failure comes in the form of not trying. Entrepreneurship involves the creation of processes, not just the creation of work.Just like sailing; we cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.  


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Why Big Corporations Move to Coworking Spaces

{:zh}Global Coworking Growth Study 研究指出,到2024年,全球共享辦公空間的數量將超過40,000間。目前,亞太地區是世界上共享辦公空間最多的區域,平均每個中心可容納114人。儘管對於共享辦公室營運商而言,這是一個振奮人心的統計數據,但更值得注意的是,租戶的身份不斷在變化,除了新創團隊、企業家和自由工作者以外,我們也看到越來越多的大型企業加入這股潮流。JustCo 台灣發現,企業對靈活的工作空間解決方案的諮詢大幅增加,這些企業現在占我們客群的50%以上。  為何有此轉變?    共享辦公室是個更具成本效益的房地產解決方案  全球疫情持續上升,對房地產業帶來了新的挑戰,在社交安全距離規範下,需要更多的工作空間來容納辦公室內的員工。將團隊分散各處辦公的政策使許多企業開始實施在家工作,員工也逐漸喜歡在其他地方–而不是在辦公室工作(詳如後述)。  對於擁有大型辦公室卻空蕩蕩的企業意味著什麼?這將浪費空間使用。  如果這是疫情造成大型企業辦公室空置極端的一面,另一面就是沒有足夠的空間來容納成長中的團隊,這也是大型企業始終面臨的最大障礙之一。  上述兩種情況都對企業帶來了成本的支出,擁有此類傳統辦公空間的企業在縮減或擴大規模時,常會與長期的租賃合約綁在一起,並需支付額外費用,同時還有大量的裝修支出,這會阻止它們在需要時進行擴展。  解決方案: 靈活且具成本效益的房地產計劃,也稱為「 核心和彈性」(“core and flex”) 方案。  「 核心和彈性」是一種企業進駐在長期租約的辦公空間內(核心),同時也在其他工作地點(彈性)的想法。較小的傳統辦公室或服務式辦公空間(總部)可以作為「核心」,共享辦公室內的共用辦公桌或獨立辦公室作為衛星辦公室,可讓員工立即進駐開始上班,即為「彈性」。從會議室和日常辦公設備到專業的後勤服務,共享辦公空間可提供一站式辦公解決方案。  如此,企業將可節省大型辦公空間的管理費用,並且可以針對人力資源需求,靈活地管理其房地產規模。    兼具隱私和交流的機會  對於員工或管理階層人員來說,建立網絡是跟上市場脈絡的關鍵。傳統的辦公環境不具備與其他志趣相投的人交流的環境,但在共享辦公空間內卻不必擔心,在公共區域(如茶水區)進行的對話可以帶來意想不到的業務合作,甚至是夥伴關係。  共用辦公桌的員工將有足夠的機會在共享的空間內進行交流,但是,隱私可能會是個考量點,這時專屬的辦公空間將成為首選。  無論採用何種計劃,企業都可以與各行各業企業家進行定期的交流,將更容易提高品牌知名度,並尋找潛在客戶。    提升員工士氣和生產力  讓員工可以自行選擇在想要的地方工作將使他們感到快樂! 這是激勵員工士氣的重要手段,也將轉化為公司的生產力。如果辦公室內太壅擠,那麼在城市或附近某個地方擁有靈活而安全的工作空間,就可以放心地從待辦事項清單中剔除任務。父母可能需要在一個奇怪的時間接孩子,就近位置的辦公空間可以節省很多交通時間。在家中工作時,如果牆壁擋住了您的專注力,那麼就到萬物俱備的共享辦公空間中完成所有工作。以上這些好處都是允許24小時進出的權限和安全性,因此您無需三思而後行即可完成工作!  共同工作空間還為員工提供了一個創意和協作的環境,他們可以擺脫集體單向式的思考,透過創意激發的想法,提高工作質量,最終使所服務的組織受益。  多年來,共同辦公空間已蓬勃發展,它不再只是小型企業的工作空間安排,還是大型企業組織能管理辦公室和員工的實用解決方案。如果您正在尋找未來的工作空間,那就是共享辦公室。   {:}{:en} The Global Coworking Growth Study reported that the number of coworking centres worldwide is expected [...]...

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