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Event Space Rental

{:zh}找到一個完美的空間舉辦一場活動{:}{:en}Impress your guests with the perfect venue{:}

Impress your guests with the perfect venue

Looking for an aesthetic yet convenient venue to host your next big event? JustCo Taiwan has the spaces you are looking for.

Our unique coworking spaces are designed to facilitate communal bonding, networking and interaction for special events and working. Whether you are searching for a party venue or event space for a corporate luncheon, JustCo Taiwan’s spaces offer the amenities and facilities to cater to large groups at flexible rental rates.

Host Your Next Event at JustCo Taiwan

Our flexible spaces are perfect for a variety of events, including:

1. Training & Seminars

If you are looking for an inspiring and energising venue for company-wide training sessions or seminars, JustCo’s coworking spaces are it. Fully furnished with audiovisual equipment to help you facilitate a productive session, our spaces are perfect for group discussions and brainstorming.

Hosting a small team? Book a meeting room instead! Browse our website for more information.

2. Corporate Gatherings

Corporate events like product launches, appreciation events or thank-you luncheons are excellent opportunities to network and even meet new prospects. Our event spaces are perfect for get-togethers and exchanging ideas. Not to mention, they are also situated in the heart of Taipei City – making it easy for all to access.

3. Birthday Parties

Why not celebrate your special day in style? Aside from lavish interiors, our spaces give you the perfect view of Taipei city. Watch as the city lights illuminate the sky at dusk!

Flexible & Creative Event Spaces for Rental at JustCo Taiwan

Book one of our event spaces for your next seminar, conference, product launch, company dinner or networking event. Customize the space set-up to your liking and receive expert advice from our preferred suppliers, either for catering, AV or entertainment.

With a variety of spaces, formats and locations and flexible daily and hourly rental rates, you can rest assured that we have the perfect space for your needs.

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms come in a variety of sizes, layouts, moods and vibes. Complete with the latest AV equipment, you can easily book a meeting room using the JustCo App.

Conference Venue

Meetings, seminars, and lectures with up to 22 people can be comfortably catered for in a modern, stylish setting. A quality conference starts with JustCo!

Event Venue

Breakout spaces are ideal for hosting presentations, brand launches and networking sessions where you want your attendees to mingle and connect. The stylish, lively venue design brings a nice atmosphere, putting guests in the right frame of mind for engaging with each other.

Event Spaces List

JustCo offers flexible rental options to meet the needs of individuals or corporations and provides the most comfortable and stylish spaces and equipment. See below for more details.

Type Capacity Unit Price Centre
Small Meeting Room 4 PAX 30 minutes / 1 hour / 1 day From TWD$650 Hung Tai、Minsheng Jianguo
Medium Meeting Room 6-8 PAX 30 minutes / 1 hour / 1 day From TWD$780 Hung Tai、Dian Shih、Minsheng Jianguo
Large Meeting Room 10-16 PAX 30 minutes / 1 hour / 1 day From TWD$1,300 Hung Tai、Dian Shih、Minsheng Jianguo
Conference Venue 17-22 PAX 30 minutes / 1 hour / 1 day From TWD$3,250 Dian Shih、Minsheng Jianguo
Event Venue 40+ PAX Half day / 1 day From TWD$41,600 Hung Tai、Dian Shih、Minsheng Jianguo

*The prices above are for non-members. Join JustCo to get more benefits and preferential daily & hourly rates!

Your Dream Event Venue

JustCo Taiwan aims to make renting a venue as easy, painless and enjoyable as possible. Our spaces offer magnificent views of Taipei City’s skyline along with essential audio-visual equipment and interiors to energise and engage your guests.

Our locations include Dian Shih in Xinyi District, Hung Tai Financial Plaza in Songshan District as well as Minsheng Jianguo at Zhongshan District. For the full addresses, please head to our locations page.

If you are looking for a place to host your next party, a product launch with some VIPs or any other type of event, our spaces are sure to come in handy.

Daily and hourly rental rates are available. Fill in the form below and get in touch with us today!

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