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Coworking Space in Taipei

Coworking Space in Taipei

Our Coworking Spaces in Taipei

Have you tried working in shared office spaces or coworking spaces before? Well, if you have always wanted to try, JustCo has numerous shared workspaces available for rent at convenient locations all over the central business district of Taipei, Taiwan.

Dian Shih

Located within Hanns House, our coworking space occupies the entire building, spanning seven storeys and 65000 square feet with a dedicated lobby for JustCo guests and members. With our Community Managers at your service, well-furnished work areas and cosy rest areas, you will never work the same again.

Our Dian Shih space is also conveniently located in the vicinity of Taipei 101 and several shopping malls – you will never have to worry about having too little options for lunch. The office is also a mere 3 minutes walk from Taipei City Hall Station, if the Taipei Metro is your transportation of choice.

Hung Tai Financial Plaza

Nothing increases productivity more than working at an office right smack dab in the middle of a premier office district. Nestled within a region with tons of amenities such as gyms, fitness centers, cafes and restaurants, working at the JustCo coworking space in this area would be perfect for you if you are all about that work-life balance. This location is also highly accessible since you can get here via walking from a total of 2 Taipei Metro stations – Nanjing Fuxing Station, Zhongshan Junior High School Station and Taipei Arena Station.

Minsheng Jianguo

Located just a stone’s throw away from our Hung Tai Financial Plaza counterpart, our shared-office space at Minsheng Jianguo is perfect for hosting company events on top of our top-notch amenities and aesthetically pleasing interiors. With a business hotel sharing the building with us, this location makes it convenient for your company to host events with international guests.

Choose Your Ideal JustCo Coworking Space in Taipei

Regardless of your choice, you will always find a cosy spot in every location when it comes to JustCo. Here at JustCo, we will provide you with consistently stellar service and beautiful workspaces so you can take your career to the next level in a comfortable and conducive environment.

Book a tour to view any of our coworking spaces in Taipei City Center today.