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Meeting Rooms

JustCo Credits Package

JustCo Credits Package

Having trouble holding productive meetings in cafes? Feeling like you need a quiet space for a couple of hours to concentrate on deep work? Unsure what your plans are looking like for the next couple of months? Purchase our flexible $1-for-1 credits package to be used for any meeting room or event space in our centres – as a bonus, we’re giving you additional credits with purchase! Complete the form to find out more!

Professional Meeting Rooms for Rent, Taipei

Collaboration is the foundation of any productive team. If you are looking for a venue to host a monthly team meeting, brainstorming session or even a training session for your staff, JustCo Taiwan offers private & quiet but also stylish & versatile meeting rooms at flexible rental.

We offer meeting rooms of varying sizes across our locations in Taipei City that come equipped with all the necessary audiovisual equipment. Whether you are hosting a 1-hour presentation with a comprehensive deck, a seminar or a simple brainstorming session with a whiteboard away from the hustle and bustle of Taipei City, JustCo’s meeting rooms for rent are the perfect venue to have a fruitful discussion.

Inspiring Meeting Rooms to Keep Your Team Motivated

When it comes to team discussions, having a proper environment can make the biggest difference between a fruitful meeting and an unproductive one.

Your meeting room is the backdrop for your meetings. Everything from the air-conditioning, colour of the walls, seating and layout of the room can affect your team’s productivity and mood.

A meeting room doesn’t just function as a space for ideas to flourish. Instead, it’s where a team gets together and where connections are made. An ideal meeting room should energise your team but also facilitate a sense of belonging.

Book Your Meeting Room Today

JustCo Taiwan’s meeting rooms are designed for productive working. We offer multipurpose event rooms and meeting spaces across Taipei City. Our private, sleek and fully-equipped meeting room spaces perfect for small business team meetings.

Not only do our meeting rooms provide a great place for brainstorming & team training sessions, but they also serve as the perfect place for pitches and presentations with prospects and clients.

Choose from a selection of preset time slots and get started booking your next team meeting! Accessible via easy public transportation or by car, just book a meeting room at your preferred time slot, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For information about day rental and hourly rates, please feel free to reach out to our team. Alternatively, book a tour to view our meeting rooms up close.

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Event Spaces

Book one of our event spaces for your next seminar, conference, product launch or networking event.

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