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Enterprise Offices

Commercial office solutions
for large teams

JustCo enterprise offices are designed to accommodate bigger teams of 20 pax and up, with the flexibility to scale at no additional cost. Enhance the versatility of your team, while striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

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15 William St, Melbourne

Key features

Whether you're looking to expand operations or provide a hybrid work model for employees, our enterprise coworking spaces in Singapore can provide you with the solutions you need.

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Prestigious &
personalised office

Provide a branded user and guest experience true to your brand, with a prestigious business address in prime locations.

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Privacy &

Enjoy peace of mind with an executive workspace that ensures complete privacy and security.

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Fully-equipped meeting rooms
& coworking spaces

Collaborate, focus, socialise or learn – you’ll be ready for whichever work mode you need to be in.

Essential office amenities
& onsite services

Enjoy high-speed internet, IT support, printers and mail handling services – all within easy reach.

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Free-flow specialty beverages
and healthy snacks

From Tiong Hoe speciality coffee and farm-to-cup Clipper Tea to a healthy snack bar, our well-stocked pantry will keep you fully satiated.

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One membership,
40+ locations

Enjoy regional access to over 40 JustCo centres across APAC, including 6 right here in Australia.

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What others say about our enterprise offices

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Abigail Foo

Google Review


JustCo - OCBC Centre East

Was at JustCo (OCBC Centre) previously, and I must say that the ambience here is amazing! It is very clean, and it has a very fresh look the moment you step in that made me feel very comfortable being there.

Group 2326

Lee Eddy

Google Review


JustCo - Cross Street Exchange

I am always greeted with a warm smile and a cheerful hello. Your attentiveness to our needs is truly remarkable, and it is clear that you take pride in ensuring that everyone who enters our office feels welcome and valued.

Group 2327 1

W. S.

Google Review


JustCo - Asia Square Tower

High floor, outstanding view and well renovated office space. Cozy and spacious. A conducive environment for work and meetings. Customer service excellence.

Coworking at MacDonald House

Why not set up office in the heart of Singapore’s shopping and civil heritage districts?

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JustCo’s Enterprise Solutions

JustCo is a leading provider of commercial office spaces in Australia, catering to the unique needs of large yet growing organisations. Our enterprise office solutions in Melbourne and Sydney are perfect for businesses requiring expansive, versatile workspaces that can accommodate teams of 20 or more. These enterprise office spaces offer more flexibility and scalability than traditional office leases, giving businesses the ability to adapt to changing needs and headcounts. 

Located in the heart of Australia’s CBDs, our commercial office spaces can be customised according to your company’s branding and layout preferences. You’ll also enjoy full private amenities such as a dedicated entrance, all essential office amenities, fully equipped meeting rooms, as well as access to the vibrant perks of JustCo’s coworking environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An enterprise office space is a type of commercial office space specifically designed to meet the needs of larger organisations and teams. Unlike traditional office leases, which often come with rigid terms and fixed durations, JustCo’s coworking solutions provide far greater flexibility. 

Our enterprise office solutions in Australia provide flexibility for businesses to scale up or down as and when required, without legal constraints or hidden penalty fees common to traditional commercial office spaces. Our enterprise offices thus offer opportunity for companies to grow, with none of the hassle of searching for a new office whenever there are changes in company headcount.

JustCo Australia specialises in providing enterprise office solutions tailored for large teams of over 20 people. Our offerings include large, secure offices that feature private amenities and can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your business. JustCo’s commercial office spaces are situated in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs, prime locations that offer the prestige and convenience important for corporate entities.

Each enterprise office space comes with dedicated entrances, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. Inside, you’ll find all the essential office amenities along with a fully equipped coworking environment that encourages productivity and collaboration.

Absolutely, JustCo is well-equipped to meet the specific needs and branding requirements of your enterprise. We understand that each business is unique, and we offer customisable office solutions that can be tailored to reflect your company’s brand identity and operational requirements. 

Whether it’s incorporating your corporate colours and logos or customising the layout and design of your workspace, our team works closely with you to ensure that your office not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Simply contact us to discuss your enterprise office needs and how we can make it a perfect fit for your team.

JustCo offers flexible office space memberships tailored to those seeking short-term commitments. Instead of traditional leases, we operate on a membership fee basis, giving you the flexibility to scale your commercial office space up or down and adjust the length of your commitment as your business needs change. 


For enterprise office spaces, JustCo provides personalised quotes to accommodate your specific requirements. We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your needs and request a quote, ensuring that your workspace solution is precisely aligned with your business objectives.

JustCo’s enterprise office solutions in prime locations across Melbourne and Sydney CBDs offer a dynamic and inspiring work environment within vibrant coworking spaces. These offices are designed to support productivity and satisfaction with a diverse suite of amenities and services. Enterprise clients have access to printing facilities, office supplies, mail-handling services, and dedicated IT support. 

Additional features include well-stocked pantries with artisanal coffee and tea, meeting rooms, recreational and wellness facilities, and end-of-trip facilities (depending on the building). With JustCo, you only pay for the space you need while enjoying complete access to these shared amenities, ensuring each workday is fruitful and fulfilling. Dedicated onsite IT support is available at 6 locations across Melbourne and Sydney, with access to over 40 centres across the Asia Pacific region.

At JustCo Australia, pricing for our enterprise office solutions is tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. We operate on a quote basis to ensure that our membership pricing reflects the unique requirements and configurations of your enterprise workspace. 

To receive a personalised quote that matches your business size, preferences, and other specifications, please contact our JustCo team. We are ready to discuss your office space requirements in detail and provide a customised price that aligns with your business objectives.

Absolutely! We encourage you to personally experience our commercial office spaces in Melbourne and Sydney before making your decision. Simply contact us to book a tour and see the facilities and amenities we offer firsthand. This will give you an opportunity to explore our coworking space, ask any questions, and discuss your specific needs with our team. We look forward to showing you what JustCo has to offer!

The cost of renting a large office space in Melbourne and Sydney CBD depends on several factors, including the location, size, and the range of services and amenities included in the lease. At JustCo Australia, our enterprise offices offer flexible and transparent pricing with no hidden costs, allowing businesses to enjoy cost savings and scalability as and when required. Interested businesses can contact us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss their unique requirements and obtain a customised quote.

To find a large office space for rent in Melbourne and Sydney, businesses can start by conducting an online search for commercial office spaces and enterprise office solutions. At JustCo Australia, we provide enterprise offices that are specifically designed to meet the needs of larger organisations and teams, with a team of experts that work closely with businesses to design personalised office spaces that fulfil their unique requirements. Interested businesses can contact us for a no-obligation consultation and a customised quote.

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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