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Can coworking spaces be part of the neighbourhood?

10 January, 2024

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the traditional paradigms of work and community are swiftly evolving. For instance, the rise of a decentralised workforce and increased demand for coworking spaces is changing how we work.


Many coworking spaces are now found in neighbourhoods, offering an option for those looking to work further away from the CBD crowds and closer to home. One stellar example of this integrative dynamic is seen at JustCo Central Plaza in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood of Singapore.

A new landscape of work and community

Gone are the days when work was strictly confined to isolated cubicles in monolithic office buildings. In the contemporary world, work is an ecosystem of dynamic interactions, collaboration, and shared experiences.

Similarly, our neighbourhoods, the beloved spaces where we live, play, and socialise, are no longer merely residential entities. They are multi-dimensional, vibrant, and integrative spaces that embody the essence of modern urban living.

Coworking spaces have begun to play a pivotal role in the neighbourhoods they inhabit, becoming integral elements of community development. Heres how:

1. A hub for community engagement

Coworking spaces offer more than just a place to work; they act as catalysts for community engagement. With a range of amenities and communal areas, professionals can find a space to connect, collaborate, and create. This mixture creates a rich tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and experiences that foster mutual learning and collaboration.

For instance, JustCo Central Plaza offers wide event spaces and meeting rooms with the latest technology. Members can use these spaces to host programmes, allowing everyone to gather, share ideas, and work on projects, broadening their skills and professional networks.

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2. Increase in network opportunities

Besides being a hub of engagement, the proximity of diverse professionals under one roof encourages the exchange of ideas, skills, and business opportunities. For freelancers and entrepreneurs, this environment becomes a fertile ground for collaboration, where projects and business ventures can grow from casual conversations and evolve into meaningful partnerships.

Also, coworking spaces often host workshops, seminars, and events where members can converge, learn, and network. Such gatherings become catalysts for professional intersections, connecting talents and skills with opportunities and needs.

JustCo Central Plaza is a testament to the strong networking opportunities that coworking spaces can bring into a neighbourhood. With diverse professionals from varied sectors converging in one space, the exchange of ideas, skills, and business opportunities is prolific. Tiong Bahru residents have direct access to a network of professionals and entrepreneurs, enriching the social and professional fabric of the community.

3. Incorporate the neighbourhood's charm

Lastly, JustCo Central Plaza adopts a design that is organic to the neighbourhood, seamlessly integrating Tiong Bahru’s charming aspects. For instance, old-school Singapore tables are available at the communal areas. What’s more, the interior design such as long, curvy art deco lines and artwork are thoughtfully crafted to reflect and celebrate the neighbourhood’s uniqueness and history.

This special design promotes a workspace where the local Tiong Bahru community sees a reflection of itself, enhancing the sense of belonging and integration


Unite work & community with JustCo Singapore

When we think of offices, we envision serviced offices in Singapore’s Central business District (CBD). However, nestled in our heartlands, flexible workspaces like Central Plaza are becoming an integral part of the neighbourhood ecosystem.

As we move towards a future where work and living become increasingly intertwined, coworking space providers in Singapore like JustCo are pioneering a trend where neighbourhoods and coworking spaces merge to create vibrant, innovative, and connected communities.

Visit Central Plaza and witness first-hand how coworking spaces transform and enrich neighbourhoods. Step into a world where work, life, and community converge, and discover a space that is as local, vibrant, and diverse as the neighbourhood it thrives in.

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