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How to pick the right coworking space in Singapore?

11 January, 2024
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Businesses have increasingly recognised the benefits of coworking spaces, with a flexible work model offering companies a budget-friendly solution that elevates productivity and convenience. But how do you find a shared office rental in Singapore that helps your team achieve peak performance? 

With the work-from-anywhere revolution taking hold across Singapore, you must carefully consider how a coworking space’s location and amenities support your employees. Plus, you need to make sure everything makes sense for your budget. Here, we explore everything you need to consider when searching for the perfect coworking space.

1. Consider your budget

Your budget defines the features you can expect in a coworking space. Naturally, you’ll need to consider the number of desks your employees need as well as whether you’re planning to expand in the near future. However, modern coworking spaces also come with a host of other advantages – like recreational facilities and bookable meeting rooms –  that help your team work to the highest standard. 


JustCo Singapore offers three membership plans, such as individual desks and office suites catering to more than 20 employees. We also tailor packages that combine hot desks and private office rental to provide exceptional flexibility. Office expenses are included within your membership fee, so all you have to decide is the number of employees who will be using the coworking environment. Coworking for businesses with up to 30 employees is 60–70% more cost-effective than the traditional office models. If you run a smaller team of less than 12 members, you can potentially save up to $2,700 a month on operating costs.

2. Evaluate the location

Identify a location surrounded by public transport hubs and arterial roads to provide your workers with exceptional work-life balance. Meanwhile, consider access to food, entertainment, and services that your team relies upon.


With JustCo offering more than 20 high-end coworking spaces in Singapore’s CBD and regional commercial hubs, finding the ideal spot to situate your team has never been easier. Many of these premium business locations also include recreational facilities and spacious event spaces, meaning JustCo can support your team even outside of their immediate day-to-day tasks. Employees can choose to  hot desk at any other JustCo centre of their choice and convenience depending on their work schedule.

3. Look at the amenities offered

Researching a coworking space’s amenities is crucial whether you’re an individual wanting a hot desk or a company seeking private office space. At JustCo Singapore, our members receive super-fast internet access, mail handling services, 24/7 security, a well-stocked pantry, and more.


Yet many of our individual locations offer amenities that take things to the next level. For example, our recreational facilities will help your team catch their breaths and refocus during a challenging sprint, with specially designed chill-out ones, ping-pong tables, and even basketball machines.

We’re also looking into enhancing our members’ everyday coworking experience through additional pantry supplies– carefully sourced premium coffee as well as snacks like nuts and chocolates. There is also a recent collaboration with a local heritage tea brand, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, to provide high quality tea selections to all JustCo members.


You can also encourage your workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle as many coworking spaces feature in-building bicycle storage, showers, and storage lockers. Alongside dedicated meeting rooms that enhance collaboration, your team’s performance will reach new heights.

4. Read reviews

When choosing a coworking space, gather a range of opinions to make your final decision. With shared and private office rentals in Singapore attracting a wide range of professionals, it’s possible to get a comprehensive view of a space just by examining these anecdotal accounts.


So, what should you pay attention to? Look for opinions on the reception staff, as these people keep the space operating seamlessly. Meanwhile, reviews and testimonials that detail cleanliness, noise, amenities, and recreational facilities ensure you make an informed decision.

5. Check out the coworking space in person

If the reviews of a particular coworking space sound great, the last thing to do is check it out in person. JustCo Singapore is more than happy to take you on a tour of your preferred location, ensuring you gain incredible insights into the space and its amenities.


This is also the ideal way to experience the welcoming vibe of our coworking spaces. As you roam the offices, you’ll notice how other companies are making the most of the recreational areas, enjoying the pantry, and using the meeting rooms to their advantage.

Find the perfect JustCo coworking space

The future of work is here to stay! At JustCo Singapore, everyone from budding entrepreneurs to global business leaders can give their companies the resources they need to succeed. 


Contact us to learn more about our coworking spaces, or book a hot desk right away!

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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