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Office design trends to watch for in 2024

27 December, 2023
The past year has been an eye-opener. From the rise in rental costs to well-publicised difficulties faced by other coworking operators, these key events have not only left an indelible ripple effect on the real estate industry but also serve as a compass for landlords and coworking space operators in 2024.


With all things considered and employees going back to the office, space utilisation and office design are important factors to keep your team engaged, inspired and happy at work.


Read on for three key design elements that JustCo’s Chief Development Officer, Low Kia Sing believes can be a real game-changer to your team’s overall office experience.

Kia Sing (centre) and his team of workspace designers keep their fingers on the pulse of current design trends and movements.

A Sense of Place

It has become increasingly important for organisations to help employees establish a meaningful connection to the workplace.

One way is by injecting a sense of Place. This can help employees feel more belonged in the office, which translates to a 56% increase in job performance, 50% drop in turnover risk and 75% reduction in sick days, according to Harvard Business Review.
“An office is more than just the place you work. It should be somewhere you feel welcomed, emotionally connected, comfortable and inspired to deliver your best. We pay a lot of attention to the little details that evoke a belonging, by referencing the history, culture and community of the locale. We don’t just create a space to work, we curate a place to be,” says Kia Sing.
JustCo Central Plaza, which opened in June 2023, is one such centre. The coworking space features plenty of historic Tiong Bahru’s elements , from birdcage prints inspired by the neighbourhood’s bird-singing past and photographs of the HDB void deck tables to an actual communal hot desk reminiscent of them.
Find a workplace that works for you
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a. The hot desking area at JustCo Central Plaza features a communal hot desk table similar to those at HDB void decks.

b. Enjoy glorious floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding Ploenchit neighbourhood from One City Centre in Bangkok.

In 2024, JustCo Singapore will unveil yet another centre with a unique and deep sense of place: JustCo Hong Leong Building. Located on Telegraph Street, once the telecommunications hub for Asia, the upcoming centre celebrates Singapore’s rich commercial heritage and evolution. This is done through the showcase of archival photographs of Singapore’s architecture and tools of the trade such as the abacus and typewriters, throughout the space.
Also in early 2024, JustCo Emporium Melbourne will open its fourth Australian coworking space at 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. The new space is located on the fourth floor of luxury mall Emporium Melbourne itself, offering members a place where work, play and retail commingle seamlessly.

Desk-ination: Wellness

According to the Global Wellbeing Survey by Aon, 63% of companies agree that wellbeing has become more important since 2020 and about 83% of them have a wellbeing strategy, which is an increase of 28% since 2020.
Aon’s findings reinforce the need for wellness-centric features and offerings, if companies are serious about attracting and retaining talent.
Kia Sing adds: “Plants, rest and recreational facilities, proper lighting and healthy air circulation should not be afterthoughts because they make a huge difference to the overall office experience. These things eventually add up and affect wellbeing and productivity.”

c. The pantry area at JustCo’s upcoming Hong Leong Building location offers a comfortable workspace against the backdrop of Singapore’s commercial history.

d. Meanwhile, the Taiwan High Speed Rail bring’s Taiwan’s future into view at JustCo Cathay Zhubei Tech Centre in Hsinchu.

Versatile workspaces for versatile ways of work

From closed cubicles to open plan offices with varied workspaces for different work modes, today’s offices no longer wear a standard look. Employees now have options to switch up the way they work, based on their function.

Kia Sing highlights: “After the pandemic, when we asked our members what they valued most, a surprising number of them spoke about having spaces to do different things during their workday. For example, a social space where they can have casual chats without bothering others, or an area to get on video calls without the entire office listening in.”

In response to that, JustCo’s workspace team has designed more differentiated zones to cater to the different work styles and needs of our members.

Spaces are separated based on the different functions. If you need to hot desk, select from a range of hot desks.

e. Bright hot desking areas lined with potted tropical plants create inviting and comfortable work spaces at JustCo Collins Arch in Melbourne. 

f. Similarly, the biophilic principle dominates at JustCo at the Metropolis in Singapore, where the lush, verdant outdoors seamlessly breathes into the office.

Find a workplace that works for you

It’s not an entirely new look, but offices will continue to be dressed up for comfort and objectivity, with a laser focus on building connections between people and space.
For a workplace that works for you and your team, reach out to us for an exclusive tour at your preferred JustCo location today.

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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