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The Role Of Flexible Coworking Spaces In Thailand’s Work Culture

15 May, 2024

Gone were the days of punching in and out for work and having to go into the office daily to be “productive”. As we progress into the 21st century, many employees have become dissent or are discontent with the traditional work culture. Rather than relying on their reporting time to work and working overtime, many employees feel most productive and powerful when they are empowered to do the highest quality work. 

That said, rigorous office reporting time and toxic overtime mentality are no longer compatible with current business needs. As evident by the mushroom growth of coworking spaces in Thailand and across the globe, businesses and the majority of the workforce are easing into hybrid work culture – coworking spaces provide a readily available solution for any company that needs a quick turnaround. But, flexibility and remote working have never been new, instead, it has only become more popular during the pandemic and lockdown. 

Let us examine the evolution of collaborative workspaces and their role in Thailand’s work culture. 

The Types Of Flexible Workspaces

Unlike conventional office spaces and cubicles, flexible workspaces offer functionality and comfort that many workers have now become accustomed to. One of the top par benefits of flexible workspaces is the freedom of choice to work quietly or collaboratively. Furthermore, businesses or teams looking to rent a shared office space need not worry about the setup that best suits you – flexible coworking spaces offer a wide variety of set-ups that you can easily convert into a space you need. After all, flexible workspaces are designed to meet many, if not all, specific needs of workers. Here are some common types of coworking spaces in Bangkok: 

1. Hot Desk

Ideal for individuals and employees who do not have permanent workstations, hot desks are made available as needed. Strategically located across the workspace, hot desks ensure more flexibility when it comes to individual workspaces, yet at the same time, an increase in communication and collaboration between teams when needed. 

2. Private Offices

Private office spaces are perfect for teams that require collaboration daily. Offering structure and familiarity, yet can also quickly adapt and accommodate the needs of daily work, private office spaces are conducive to collaboration in every form it takes. 

Coworking spaces like JustCo Thailand also offer Enterprise Suite as part of their membership plans. Ideal for both small-medium and large enterprises, these enterprise suites can hold more than 20 people and can be customised to meet your business or team’s individual needs. 

The Role Of Flexible Coworking Spaces

From the design architecture to the office furniture and collaborative spaces, flexible coworking spaces keep employees productive while ensuring comfort. Furthermore, since the leasing terms are flexible, your employees need not be present in the office daily. Now, more than ever, many workers appreciate and place high importance on work-life balance; flexible coworking spaces allow them to work wherever, whenever they want.. Whether they are present eight hours a day for five days a week or come in for just half-days, employees now have the freedom to set up the office hours that would suit them best and maximise their productivity levels. 

Plus, flexible coworking spaces offer ready access to all the necessary work equipment, so you and your employees do not have to fret over the minute details like having stable and high-speed internet, and an ergonomic chair for comfort and focus, as well as other amenities, to help you achieve productivity. 

Moreover, the design and layout of the coworking space is another significant factor in imposing and encouraging flexibility within a workplace. Not only should the architecture support functionality, like having large and small collaborative spaces, but it should also be able to inspire creativity. The space should also be built for comfort, which includes having plenty of light and depth. For instance, Justco Thailand’s new coworking space at Silom Edge is designed with full-length windows to give workers a stunning view that overlooks Lumpini Park, spacious breakout areas, booths, cosy nooks, and a fully stocked pantry to drive engagement. 

With five locations in Thailand, JustCo offers hot desks, private offices, enterprise suites, and chargeable-by-the-hour meeting rooms to meet all your business needs. Located near major transportation facilities, visit any of our shared office spaces in Bangkok to find the best coworking space to meet your needs. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about Bangkok’s shared office spaces.

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