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Tailored Office Space Solutions for Startups and Enterprises

16 April, 2024
tailored office space solutions for startups and enterprises1

With the embracing of hybrid work arrangements and the growth of remote work in Taiwan, a traditional one-size-fits-all approach to office space seems increasingly obsolete. Organisations of all sizes – from startups with less than 20 people on the payroll to enterprises that number in the hundreds – are seeing the value in offering user-oriented, dynamic office layouts that inspire creativity in their employees.

Whether you’re a small but growing business looking for flexible, cost-effective spaces or an enterprise in need of productive and feature-rich environments, here’s how JustCo Taiwan’s tailored office space solutions meet your unique needs:

1. A Balance of Open Space vs. Private Workspaces

Open-space office layouts have become increasingly popular for encouraging collaboration and interaction. Ideal for startups and smaller teams, this fosters a sense of community and enables seamless communication. They also serve as centralised gathering points for employees in bigger companies, where events like town halls, corporate bonding, or interdepartmental meetings can take place.


At the same time, there’s still a need to maintain privacy in the workspace for client confidentiality, as well as provide employees with a sense of security and respite. Employees need to be able to feel like they aren’t being scrutinised all the time, which can happen in a fully open layout with no privacy at all.

JustCo Taiwan provides a mix of open spaces for interaction as well as private workspaces for focused work or confidential meetings, catering to the diverse requirements of our clients. Our open-layout coworking spaces encourage cross-team creativity while being complemented by private meeting rooms and phone booths to meet users’ needs throughout the day.

2. Optimised Office Space Solutions for Every Business Stage

tailored office space solutions for startups and enterprises2

For startups and smaller businesses, affordability and flexibility are key to staying in the black and keeping the lights on. However, those are two aspects that are not typically found in traditional office rental contracts. 


That’s why at JustCo Taiwan, our coworking agreements offer startup office space solutions that allow businesses to grow, scale, or even shrink at your own pace. Beginning from just NT$6,000 a month for a Hot Desk, individuals and small businesses are welcome to enjoy our offices’ shared amenities as well as access to the vibrant JustCo community.

As for larger organisations, we understand that you require more comprehensive solutions. JustCo’s Enterprise Offices are scalable and customisable while being fully private and inclusive of the amenities necessary for maximum operational efficiency.

3. On-Demand Amenities for All Situations

Another issue businesses might face with traditional office rental contracts is the inclusion of meeting rooms or spaces that they don’t actually use or need on a regular basis. This not only creates ‘dead’ space within the office but becomes a costly overhead that can eat into your revenue and expenses.

JustCo Taiwan’s Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces are available on-demand, so you can conduct one-off or temporary events in a professional environment without affecting your bottom line. Equipped with state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology and other amenities, our meeting rooms can fit up to 100 pax and are suitable for client meetings, interviews, presentations, training sessions, and more.

Why JustCo Taiwan Is Your Go-To for Tailored Office Space Solutions

In today’s dynamic business landscape, settling for a one-size-fits-all approach to your office space is a missed opportunity for growth and efficiency. Choosing the right office layout and space can dramatically impact business operations and team morale, and you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to the space where your team will spend much of their time innovating and collaborating.


Schedule a tour to discover JustCo Taiwan’s range of flexible office space solutions and layouts. Our serviced office spaces provide all the amenities you need in one membership package, from high-speed internet to administrative support to 24/7 secured access. We aren’t just an office space provider; we’re your business growth partner.

Get ready to experience tailored office solutions that go beyond mere square footage. It’s time to experience a workspace that is as agile, flexible, and ambitious as you are.

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Ready to take the next step? Let our team members help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

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