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The SME’s guide to building employee engagement, productivity and profitability

14 April, 2023
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68% of high-growth organisations have enabled productivity-anywhere workforce models. Here’s how JustCo can help with your own adoption.

It should be obvious that employee engagement, productivity and business profitability are all positively corelated.

Research by the Harvard Business Review reveals that “inspired employees bring more discretionary energy to their work every day.” As a result, they are 125% more productive than an employee who is merely satisfied – in other words, a single inspired employee can produce as much as 2.25 satisfied employees.

Similarly, Gallup has found that highly engaged business units achieve 14% more productivity, add 18% in sales and return 23% greater profitability.

In other words, strong employee engagement is good for productivity and business.

Engage your employees to boost your productivity

What if we could all do one thing to engage our teams, boost our productivity – and improve the bottom line?

There’s no short cut to solving low employee engagement. But employing a flexible Hybrid Work (or productivity-anywhere) model even in the post-pandemic era is the closest thing to a magic bullet. How do we know this?

Accenture’s Future of Work Study, published in Nov 2022, reported that 68% of high-growth organisations have enabled productivity-anywhere workforce models. In fact, the resources enabling workers to perform their jobs anywhere can drive up to 7.4% revenue growth each year when enabled through omni-connected work cultures.

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Engaged employees are better for business – and a hybrid word model has been shown to improve employee engagement.

There’s an entire laundry list of actions you can take to build a highly-engaged Hybrid Workforce. But here are 4 easy things SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) can do to look after your teams right away for instant dividends to your productivity. 

1. Help your teams to find their flow

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Loungey, breakout spaces at JustCo Shinjuku Miraina in Tokyo, Japan

We go into different work modes throughout the day, depending on the types of activity we are engaged in. Most experts agree that most offices are not designed to support all four work modes – Focusing, Learning, Collaborating and Socialising. An open office is great for socialising but not conducive to deep focus. On the other hand, cubicles that promote privacy also discourage discussion and collaboration.

Overcome this with an office that caters to all work modes. For example, JustCo’s coworking centres are designed with flexible work modes in mind. In fact, Micro Spaces and Neighbourhoods, which are clearly distinct zones for focus, collaboration and socialisation, are a key design feature of JustCo centres such as International Plaza in Singapore and Gran Tokyo South in Tokyo.

The reading room at JustCo Gran Tokyo South offers luxurious privacy and quiet for those moments when you need intense focus

Michelle Lee, JustCo’s Managing Director & Chief People Officer, explains the popularity of these micro spaces: “Both our consumer as well as employee engagement research picked up that one of the biggest pain points people have in the office is constant interruption, especially when they are deep in focus mode. It takes effort to stay in the zone and remain productive for long periods. So we designed dedicated Focus and Collaboration zones into our centres and offices to give individuals control over how they want to work. Our members tell us this is one of their favourite design elements at JustCo.”

Helping your teams to find and stay in their zone is not only good for their mental well-being, it also pays off in added productivity. Research by the University of Exeter demonstrates that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are happier, healthier and up to 32% more productive.

2. Set your teams up for effective remote collaboration

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SME Guide Blogpic5

For small business owners and large enterprise managers alike, clear communication is critical to understanding projects, setting expectations and meeting your goals. In the hybrid work era, video conferencing can help. A Forbes report tells us that “humans process visual far faster and more aptly than text or audio. 62% of executives agree that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication [relative to audio conferencing]. In addition, 50 percent of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding.”

A coworking arrangement at JustCo can help set your team up for successful remote collaboration. First of all, JustCo meeting rooms are equipped with high-quality Polycom video conferencing equipment and onsite IT support for flawless remote meetings.

In addition, JustCo membership grants you access to more than 40 locations in major gateway cities across the Asia-Pacific. This means your teams are never far from a comfortable and fully-equipped base to work from anywhere.

3. Take advantage of Nature's restorative powers

SME Guide Blogpic7
SME Guide Blogpic7
Drawing on research showing the strong links between natural environments and human well-being, many office planners have turned to biophilic design to foster physiological, psychological and cognitive benefits in the work place. The JustCo centre at Silom Edge in Bangkok offers a prime example of biophilic design. Floor-to-ceiling windows treat members to an imperious view of nearby Lumpini Park, and the 47,000 square-foot centre is brightly lit up by natural light. Similarly, the JustCo centre at International Plaza in Singapore acts as a lush urban garden within the dense and high-rise Tanjong Pagar precinct. By combining greenery and flora with woody and earthy elements, the centre activates our neurobiological response to natural stimuli, bestowing cognitive benefits akin to restorative activities like forest bathing.
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SME Guide Blogpic8


The JustCo centre at 175 Pitt Street in downtown Sydney is a great example of biophilic design principles at work in the office. Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking King Street and Pitt Street Mall open the floor to abundant natural light, revealing a bright, comfortable work, rest and socialisation areas with rejuvenating views of the city skyline. Ample use of green, leafy plants and woody elements help to evoke the natural environment, and creates a comfortable space for members to spend 8 hours or more each day.

Check out the biophilic elements at JustCo centres!

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